A Girl to Kill For

A Girl to Kill For

A sensuous young woman seduces an unwitting man into committing murder.

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A Girl to Kill For torrent reviews

Private U (ru) wrote: God so bad !!!! you just have to see to believe it.

Ara B (gb) wrote: A scaringly pointless Christmas film with a castle, a prince and some poor people. To my surprise I honestly didn't like Katie in it.

Patti H (ru) wrote: hugh jackman's best yet.

Trevor W (ru) wrote: A German film about a man who spies on a writer during the days of the Berlin Wall. Unlike traditional American spy movies, this one is more realistic by showing spying as simple bugging and listening. What the film lacks in action it makes up for in the story of the couple and the man spying on them and becoming a part of their lives, although they don't know it.

Emanuel P (ru) wrote: A watered down version of every possession movie with a dash of the Omen. Not even a NetFlix worthy watch.

David D (au) wrote: 5 Stars and Entertaining.

Alex W (mx) wrote: This doesn't hold up to well. I didn't laugh once, this could have only worked in the mid 80's.

David S (br) wrote: Its not a great flick, couple good action scenes, that's about it. I liked John Travolta's character though a lot. He plays a good dick head.