A Grande Vitória

A Grande Vitória

Independent feature film based on the biography of a Brazilian judo with a great victory that went beyond the mats and medals.

Independent feature film based on the biography of a Brazilian judo with a great victory that went beyond the mats and medals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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A Grande Vitória torrent reviews

uhh y (jp) wrote: i saw this movie and i have to say i am honestly disgusted at the face that it has 100% freshness on RT. this is one of those movies that get a -1% i am not even kidding. i would watch it again, for a bad movie marathon with a girlfriend i didn't like.

candice t (jp) wrote: this movie is so funny

Rosco M (ca) wrote: Visually stunning and a simple storyline that keeps you interested. Entertaining and family friendly. A bit of nostalgia for any fans of the old cartoon.

Mike S (kr) wrote: I officially have a black heart. Why did this story deserve 1 1/2 hours? I really don't know why.

Kim M (us) wrote: Part documentary, part faux documentary, part scripted fiction, this movie takes you on a pretty disturbing and graphic ride. It's not for everyone, but it is fascinating and effective.

Joe T (fr) wrote: Considering its a film about WWII, its not very moving or shocking.

Riina P (nl) wrote: Suomeksi taa on Vaarallisia suhteita. Mun mielesta taa on ihan yhta hyva versio tasta tarinasta kuin Valmont.

David J (jp) wrote: Never seen the trailer B4. Looks funny

Senthil Y (au) wrote: An epic film!!! Kamal Hassan's trademark is all over the movie..

Joe B (nl) wrote: CORN CORN CORN but kylie is in it so what the hey!

Armando B (it) wrote: This second installment of the " Men In Black " franchise was pretty well made, Will and Jones have tbe right chemistry to work with each other. Even tho it didn't made sense with the first film it was good to watch. The special effects were great and the comedy just comes out randomly especially with the dog. So for this being a good solid second installment and for having the same cast back and having new faces, I give " Men In Black 2 " C.

WS W (nl) wrote: Surprisingly- good, and easy.

owen s (ca) wrote: because sophie is the princess of me I will stop nothing to follow her

Shane S (fr) wrote: ...I'm still in utter shock at how powerful this movie actually is.Yeah, it's a TV movie, so you get some of that classic "The Day After" hokey acting and then-commonplace Cold War paranoia. However, at the same time, you get something like a more realistic and less verbal version of "A Face in the Crowd" and "Network," two of the best abrasive media satires ever made. Not only is this a film about a crack team of radicals and nuclear scientists who try to achieve worldwide nuclear disarmament by threatening all of Charleston, SC with extremely dirty tactics, this film shows how uncaring the media can be at times and how selfish they probably are. And there's some really good human drama in the film.Also, seeing how this predicted the late-breaking coverage of 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and the death of bin Laden (mainly because as media proliferates, these events become more and more valuable to cover), I'm willing to consider this one of those few TV movies that transcends from standard mediocrity to one of the most effective films ever made. If there's a film that needs to be reissued (any person will do, but the Criterion could do a decent job), it's this one.It's also on Google Video, so please watch it.

Simon M (it) wrote: A truly brilliant film in every way. Script, Acting, plot, filmography, casting. Walter Matthou and Glenda Jackson,.

John H (it) wrote: It has value as a time capsule of the portentousness of '70s rock culture right before punk blew it to shreds, and Paul Williams' song score is tuneful and witty. But it has little satiric edge (at least today), because De Palma is too into the pyrotechnics he's supposedly sending up. It's cold technique, secondhand homages (aside from a nice, momentary subversion of PSYCHO's shower scene), and numbness of feeling beneath the gaudy, schnazzy trappings.

Martin D (ru) wrote: Confusing in places, but with a second viewing it all falls into scope.

Monique S (au) wrote: Classic! This was one of my favorites as a little girl. I still love it!

Lee Anne W (gb) wrote: Forget the whole Twilight/Fifty Shades of Grey thing: THIS is a piece of entertainment worth writing porny fan fic about. Robert Mitchum, OH MY GOD Robert Mitchum--bass voice, broad shoulders, sleepy eyes, tan, scruffy--is a Marine who washes up on a South Pacific island inhabited only by Deborah Kerr. A nun. Who hasn't taken her final vow yet. There's real suspense here, as the Japanese come and go, and beautiful scenery and score. It's very similar to that other John Huston classic from this time, The African Queen. And I loved every minute of it.

Yuki A (nl) wrote: WOW! Melodrama was pushed to its limit. Lovely song, lovely love story, carefully directed by the deft hand of one of the great director from India, Guru Dutt. 'Pyaasa' starts in an unconventional but beautiful way. We see Vijay lying on the park. The poet smiles as he's captured by a bee buzzing over a flower. The smile vanishes as a man's shoe carelessly squashes the bee. This already reflects society's careless attitude towards him. Even Vijay's former lover Meena dumped him because she preferred someone with more wealth.Vijay lives and have a big hope with his poetry only, he doesn't know or realise how his poetry could make other people happy, because he thinks people are only happy with status and money. Not even when a masseur said the business doubled after he recites poems made by Vijay, or not even a prostitute feels alive by reading his poems.