A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints

Dito Montiel, a successful author, receives a call from his long-suffering mother, asking him to return home and visit his ailing father. Dito recalls his childhood growing up in a violent neighborhood in Queens, N.Y., with friends Antonio, Giuseppe, Nerf and Mike.

Dito Montiel, a successful author, receives a call from his long-suffering mother, asking him to return home and visit his ailing father. There he finds redemption by facing the "saints" who have influenced his life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jennifer H (au) wrote: I. love you. mom. so. much.

andrea n (gb) wrote: A beautiful story about the love between two friends.

Cassidy S (ru) wrote: Though it is a remake, The Amazing Spider-Man manages to breathe new life into a beloved story for people who weren't impressed with Sam Raimi's original Spider-Man, like myself. Garfield and Stone's chemistry is undeniable, and each of the talented actors are great in their own respective roles.

Outi I (us) wrote: Ellie Parker is an uncomfortable, a little boring, only slightly funny, really experimental piece of art. I wonder if I could've watched it without Naomi Watts' great performance as a struggling actress.

Anna T (nl) wrote: Assumed to be intentionally terrible, it has a sort of charm, but overall, disappointing - If Jesus's character was more, well, in character, I think the story would've been much better and may have become an actual cult classic. Oh well.

Stephen J (jp) wrote: Fantastic film, has me in hysterics every time I watch it. Am fighting the urge the break into all the hilarious quotes but instead I'll lead a singalong or two/three... "I'll need time, to get you off my mind...""But your good girls are gonna go bad...""It's a bitch, sorting out our sordid lives..."

Petter S (kr) wrote: Francois Ozon is probably insane, but he does not disappoint.

Jayakrishnan R (us) wrote: 75%Saw this on 15/1/15Peter Jackson's Dead Alive has a lot of similarities to the Hitchcock film Psycho(1960) like an overly controlling mother, the son who has identical bodily features to Norman Bates and the apartment building that looks like the Bates motel. Peter Jackson's film is not exactly a horror movie, it's a horror comedy with a love for gore and if u go along, you may like it.

Yuri B (de) wrote: I hadn't seen this movie in many years... & you know what... it still holds up after all this time... loved Lili Taylor as Jojo.

Bob R (br) wrote: This is one of Divine's funniest performances. Every scene he's in he easily steals. But whenever he's not on screen, things get a little slow.

Muffin M (ag) wrote: I own this on DVD in a five movie pack along with:* The Love Bug (1969)* Herbie Rides Again (1974)* Herbie Goes Bananas (1980)* Herbie Fully Loaded (2005)

Ronny R (nl) wrote: Dusan Makavejev har laget en politisk og surrealistisk film. Basert p willhelm Reichs ideer- seksuell frigjring igjennom foreningen av marxismen. se ogs Sweet move for de som er inressert i Makavjevs verker. Et intressant stykke filmkust!!

Craig B (es) wrote: A compulsive watch. Script is so tight and sharp I was immediately drawn in. As great as Laura (maybe better?) and a cut above Whirlpool.

Evan K (br) wrote: A Different Direction Than I Thought It Would Take, But It Was Solidly Done And Fonda Was Terrific.

Victor T (ag) wrote: As a fan of surrealism, this is a film that I was extremely anxious to see because of four reasons: 1) Its reputation in the history of cinema, 2) my favorite Pixies song is based on it, 3) it had the involvement of one of my favorite artists, Salvador Dal, and 4) because Luis Buuel is responsible for a lot of films that come out from my country and they are considered masterpieces. With all that being said I am more than glad to say that Luis Buuels first film didn't let me down. "Un Chien Andalou" is an extremely peculiar film that can't be review by normal standards, as you can truly qualify acting, writing, cinematography, etc. This is a film that's about unforgettable visuals (no one could ever forget that opening scene or the piano sequence) and the effect they will have on its audience, as none of the visuals represent anything (something that Buuel made perfectly clear) but still anyone can find some significance in them, which is the ultimate objective of art itself and most importantly the surreal movement. The closest comparison I have to this film is David Lynchs directorial debut "Eraserhead", as both of them are these gorgeous and unforgettable films that have the same idea of what they attempt to give to their respective audiences, but unlike "Eraserhead", "Un Chien Andalou" has an extremely minimal dose of slapstick comedy, aided by the films soundtrack, that make it more amusing to watch. "Un Chien Andalou" is undeibaly the most shocking, experimental, daring and ambitious film of the silent era. It is violent, insane, gorgeous, unforgettable, and kind of funny. The finest example of surrealism on film and one of the most influential and important films in cinematic history.

Janet (fr) wrote: I watched this movie once but didn't like it much.This was a little to odd for me.

Bastien S (fr) wrote: Disrupting movie, beautifully executed and deeply sensitive. Blue ruin helps you touch your inner self and make you ask questions you're not sure you want to find the answers to. The photography is insane.

Robert M (gb) wrote: Aside from Jason and the Argonauts, this is probably Ray Harryhauson's best film. The Kraken and the owl were the two best executed stop-motion characters. The film is a tad more corny then I remember, but most of the characters are relatable and includes a basic but entertaining story that shows enough more then it tells. Overall, the visual side of Harryhauson in this film I didn't feel was the best looking, but some of the action moments were well worth of a taste and the film itself is a decent classic of mine.

Daniel B (it) wrote: The Cush is a croupier on a train and deals bad hands to the likes of Christopher Lee, Roy Castle. Featuring the fine actor/radio DJ Alan "Fluff" Freeman.