A Gun in the House

A Gun in the House

A district attorney prosecutes a young wife and mother for shooting and killing an intruder.

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Marion R (kr) wrote: Having no idea what this film was going to be about. It was interesting enough. I want to check out the TV show now.

David H (fr) wrote: What a complex, layered gem that all folds together and resonates beautifully. Egoyan is a master structuralist and one of our greatest writer/directors. I can't even begin to contemplate being able to write at this level.

Timothy J (nl) wrote: A very interesting story about a self-hating. A young man who was born and raised Jewish. Who in his early adulthood becomes a skinhead neo-Nazi. And despite his hatred for what he sees a Jewish weakness loved the Torah and Jewish tradition. A very complex person and subject.

Chris N (jp) wrote: So does anyone out there doubt karma? Patrick Swayze was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Just want to throw that out there.

Cynthia S (mx) wrote: Lovely movie, beautiful to watch. Every scene could have been made into a painting. May not be accurate in the depiction of this persons life, but that's often what happens when you translate a story, or historical facts, into film. Tragic romance period piece that features some fine acting, and cinematography. The musical score perfectly reflected the mood of the film. Nicely done...

Rohan G (au) wrote: Charlie does it again....

Shilo R (jp) wrote: bad acting but i like the sound of the man's voice

danela h (ca) wrote: Very well done adaptation, we enjoyed it!

John M (br) wrote: The imagery and dialogue are near perfection. Bergman is meticulous when it comes to capturing internal emotion and that's all this film is. I do think it drags in the middle but there's no doubt there is brilliance in this film that deserves repeated viewings.

Kevin R (kr) wrote: Part preacher, part undertaker, and park God.Gravedigger Jones and Coffin Ed Johnson are two black cops who patrol the streets as well as do the detective work in Harlem. A new reverend, Deke O'Malley, comes to town and makes everyone believe he has Jesus on his side and freedom in his words. The detectives track down some recent string of crimes and all signs point to the reverend being corrupt. Can the cops prove the reverend is the root of all evil and not a savior?"I'm really sick of looking at you. You're really one ugly child."Ossie Davis, director of Kongi's Harvest, Black Girl, Gordon's War, Cool Red, and Crown Dick, delivers Cotton comes to Harlem. The storyline for this picture is below average and a bit disappointing. This is a relaxed cop drama where everything is straightforward and fits together perfectly (with some funny scenes here and there). The acting is just okay and the cast includes Godfrey Cambridge, Calvin Lockhart, Redd Foxx, John Anderson, Eugene Roche, and Cleavon Little."Black people need hope like everyone else."I grabbed this off Neflix recently because I am a fan of blaxploitation cinema. This was not one of the better films in the genre. I felt everything was too straightforward and the detectives were a bit clich. There were some good lines; but overall, this is very average."Don't you step on my ribs!"Grade: C