A Guy Thing

A Guy Thing

Paul Morse is a good guy. When his friends throw him a wild bachelor party, he just wants to keep his conscience clean -- which is why he's shocked when he wakes up in bed with a beautiful girl named Becky and can't remember the night before. Desperate to keep his fiancée, Karen, from finding out what may or may not be the truth, he tells her a teensy lie. Soon his lies are spiraling out of control and his life is a series of comical misunderstandings.

When his friends throw him a wild bachelor party, he just wants to keep his conscience clean, but the next morning he he wakes up in bed with a beautiful girl. Guilt leads him to try to cover it up in the week before the wedding, high jinks ensue. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fitri H (kr) wrote: a lovey dovey kind of story. but it's rainy season lately and this movie kinda suited the mood.

Cynthia S (us) wrote: This movie had great potential, but I think that it must have suffered from poor editing. Visually speaking, it was very good...but, that wasn't enough to help the storyline endearing.

Danielle A (mx) wrote: Loving the French though!

Arnold R (it) wrote: My wife and I saw his film last night. We were astonished to see how well-acted, well-produced this low-budget film came across. We found it inspiring, and not insipid, that these characters choose to let the words of the Bible become so real to them that they achieve great things, and become happier, better people. True, becoming a Christian does not always guarantee you a "happy ending" in real life. But we should celebrate stories like this, not poo-poo them. The world would be a better place if families enjoyed more films like this together than the atrocious fare that fills our networks and cable channels and mutltiplexes. Better to light a candle thn curse the darkness.

Nick P (fr) wrote: Very different and unexpected...but I feel it's mostly informative to those people that don't really know much about horror rather than the horror-fanatics. Which is kinda crappy...considering the ones that don't know much wouldn't bother watching this movie anyway. I dunno...it was a good attempt but kinda bored me after repeating the same thing over and over again.

Dimitris A (fr) wrote: I just saw it yesterday night and it was just magnificent! Not being born in the 60's I think the director really made a great movie with the feeilng we all have about that era. Being real or not is of no importance, the 60's is a myth and it is filmed as a myth also! Uschi was very beautiful with a body that can't get your eyes away from! But, all the nidity was given artfully and tastefully, so I don't think it was really provocative. The lighting was very good in some scenes and I really liked the movie

Michael W (mx) wrote: A series of murders linked to the Orpheus strip club casts suspicion on their highest profile dancer. Concorde favourite Gabriella Hall adds to her building reputation as a headliner. Involved murder-mystery made more intriguing by a number of on-stage performances. Not sure I comprehend the masquerade masks worn by patrons at the Orpheus.

Johnny W (de) wrote: Plympton is an American master. Who else does his own animation on this scale? Provocative and quirky as hell! Thoroughly enjoyable.

Shana R (au) wrote: I share this with a lot of people. It is a sad story but is worth watching, if not just to cry.

Brandy P (nl) wrote: of course i loved it. more so as a kid, because that was MY daddy on the dinosar.