A Handful of Time

A Handful of Time

Gothic thriller about Old Martin who heeds the voice of Anna, who calls him back to the mountain cabin where he left her to die while she gave birth to their surviving son.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:Norwegian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:wood,   old man,   bathtub,  

Gothic thriller about Old Martin who heeds the voice of Anna, who calls him back to the mountain cabin where he left her to die while she gave birth to their surviving son. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dan O (br) wrote: Zhang Yimou should make more movies about characters and stories rather than scenery.

Michal (fr) wrote: Boxing story about good old honor.

Kymberlee D (gb) wrote: Meatloaf makes a great phsycopath! I loved the whole movie.

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Andy P (it) wrote: An interesting film. You really feel for Ludovic, but I was especially impressed with how they took a sympathetic view of the parents of Ludovic. A lot of movies would make them out to be the antagonist.

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Marti H (it) wrote: Story of Women (1989) 4 stars French director Claude Chabrol combined the following elements - France, German occupation, abortion, prostitutes, 1940's, a housewife, poverty, two children, an unhappy marriage, and a guillotine. The result is 1989's STORY OF WOMEN starring Isabelle Huppert as Marie, a poor housewife who is trying to make ends meet for her son and daughter in German-occupied France. When Marie's husband returns from the war, he is unable to hold a job, so Marie becomes resourceful and begins to earn money by performing primitive abortions in her kitchen and by renting out her extra rooms to hookers for a percentage of their earnings. Unfortunately the Nazis took a dim view of both occupations and Marie gets into serious legal hot water. This dark French drama is linear in nature and quite straight forward. But for some, it might drag in parts. Marie is an apathetic character - sometimes you like her and other times you don't. But she is the star of the film and the hero of this true story. She transforms herself from a dowdy housewife to an attractive amateur singer, and gradually, given all the circumstances and characters involved in her life, the viewer begins to identify with Marie - and to sympathize with her plight. 12-10-10

David H (mx) wrote: Excellent Psychothriller with a Victim turn into the Hunter and is driven into the same Brutality as her Former Tantalizer.

RJohn X (it) wrote: Alberto Vzquez Figueroa who wrote the movie this was based on also wrote Monte Hellman's Iguana is fascinated with the logical conclusions to inflexible code/law. The honorable man who abides by an ancient law butts up against the forces of modernity and civilization. Tuareg's power to outwit and out last the military is pretty cool. As is the gory effects when they are allowed sway. But the real power of the film comes from Castellari's ability to wash the screen with the blazing sands of the desert, both deadly and beautiful. Reminded me of the existential danger of THE SHOOTING or some of his earlier and great westerns. Mark Harmon. Really. I guess because Franco Nero was too big for this picture.

Steve G (es) wrote: The only way this film can work is for Noge to be a sympathetic character. And he simply wasn't, in any way.Ultimately, too leftist, & naively idealistic for me. As bad as fascism is, self-righteous protesting student university worship leads to just as many ills. If it wasn't for Hara, it wouldn't be nearly as watchable. At one point in the movie, I'm like, "stop being boring!" Yeah, I just didn't really find her husband as heroic as I was supposed to. I find the "no regrets" phrase to be meaningless. Really? No regrets for anything? You've never treated someone poorly? You don't regret that? That's rather cold & unfeeling. The worst part is that I can't tell the characters apart. They're all Asian.

Emelyn W (ag) wrote: The beginning was the scariest. Be patient with the slow pace, good (or bad??) things will come very soon.

Allan C (jp) wrote: Tamer than I expected but still entertaining.