A Happy Event

A Happy Event

She drove me into a corner, then forced me to go beyond my limits. She made me confront the absolute: love, sacrifice, tenderness, abandonment. She dislocated me, transformed me. Why didn't anyone warn me? Why doesn't anyone ever talk about this?" Un heureux événement, or an intimate view of motherhood, sincere and with no taboos.

She drove me into a corner, then forced me to go beyond my limits. She made me confront the absolute: love, sacrifice, tenderness, abandonment. She dislocated me, transformed me. Why didn't... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marcus M (nl) wrote: A man wakes up in a white room full of "switches" each switch produces a random object or get farted on...yep it's a mad as hell Japenese flick. I thought some of the humour was more annoying than funny (eg the open and close door switch set piece) but as movie, it's one of a kind and that's always good.

Ian R (ag) wrote: Essentially just a Chinese Rocky with a couple of decent fight scenes and some laughably bad acting. This isn't really meant for westerners and isn't as good as the first one either.

Matt M (mx) wrote: It is hard to watch a documentary on a subject you don't care about at all, it's even harder to watch when the documentary fails to make you care about it's subject matter.

Trevor M (fr) wrote: It turns out that mixing the horror and western genres can result in a fun (though somewhat flawed) slasher film. Good times.

Alex K (de) wrote: Samuel L. Jackson Is One Of My Favorite Film Actors.

John R (nl) wrote: Zero Day is proof you can make a compelling and interesting film with a low-budget

Buffalo J (es) wrote: Along with In Bruges, this is one of the best surprises of '08. Weirdo psyche-pop musical outfit The Flaming Lips write, direct and act in this charming little nerdy avant-garde, sci-fi b-flick. But what's extraordinary about it, is that every one of it's flaws (and trust me, there is a lot), it's cringe-worthy acting and pacing issues, just to name a few, all make me enjoy it even more. It all just adds to the film's dorky DIY charm. And it doesn't hurt that the film's vivid and eerie surrealist symbolism (reminiscent of Eraserhead, Dark Star and Dead Man), is some of the most astoudingly beautiful imagery I've seen on film. If an Autechre and Igor Stravinsky-scored Wizard Of Oz was made in space, during Christmas time, by a David Lynch who grew up on 1970's sci-fi b-movies, it would be Christmas On Mars.

Grant H (it) wrote: Great movie. Ladder 49 is a lot like the other movies in the firefighting genre, but it is still moving, powerful, and suspenseful. The firefighting scenes are well-executed, and the characters are written to show their humanity and bravery. The performances are great, especially Phoenix, Barrett, and Travolta.

Graham M (es) wrote: Cheesy but no worse than a lot of other 1980s horror comedies, and a must see for Jim Carrey fans.

Gabriella S (jp) wrote: Can Rohmer do no wrong?? Seemingly banal but so painfully, uncomfortably compelling and true. And Beatrice is always such a charm to watch.

Dylan B (us) wrote: People who don't like this Vampire movie don't understand vampire folklore. This is a timeless classic and a Hammer House best to date I think. Its extremely morbid, bloody and erotic and keeps to the Vampire tradition. I hope Hollywood don't get wind of this, other wise a remake is inevitable.

Nick H (gb) wrote: The idea of cowboys facing off against dinosaurs sounds like an idea that only the most sugared-up kid could imagine and that many would enjoy. Yes, this movie was made in the 1960's, but it could have done so much more with its material. The beginning part is very slow to get into and ends off slightly faster, but overall the plot is simple: find dinosaurs to make money in circus. The acting was either really plain or over-the-top, YES YOU, professor who spoke into the camera twice!! There were no relations at all between the love interest and protagonist. It was "I hate you," BULL ATTACK "I love you!" You didn't care about anything that would happen to the people because they were either dicks or talking people who were just there. At least the dinosaurs were amazingly real for the time (props Ray Harryhausen!). The ending was an original idea with the cathedral burning Gwangi to death, but those shrieks of terror and death were just to hard to bear. I wouldn't feel as bad for the damn thing if they didn't just say "THE END" as he is still dying. I know this is a sixties movie and i shouldn't be too harsh, but I have one word to say to that... Spartacus.Things I thought were weird were: How come Gwangi (the allosaurus) did not bite free from the ropes when he was captured? He did it with ease two minutes earlier. How was the blind lady able to point at the cowboys if she's BLIND? The title shouldn't be called "Valley of Gwangi." "Cowboys F**king with Animals Again, and Oh! There are Four Dinosaurs in Here, Too" 5/10

M C (nl) wrote: moviemaking at its best. this movie should be studied in every film school and by every contemporary director on every aspect. if you have a rare chance to see it on the big screen drop everything and go. the story was by Bertolicci and Dario Argento which I didn't know. 5 star everything from acting to cinematography, Citizen Kane in comparison is a stuffy turd.

Martin B (de) wrote: Wow...ergh?..Wow... This is diffrent..A gang of copper drillers (!) hits flesh and blood with the drill in Lapland (which for some reason is danish in this epic monster movie.)They manage to bring up parts of a prehistoric monsters tail and bring it back to Copenhagen for examination, When they forget to keep it freezed it thaws and is brought back to life and starts growing to one really big ugly dinosaur that brings havoc to the city.Denmark directly surrenders its military forces to a laconic american general who hates everything and dreams about beeing back in world war II again.Very strange movie on many levels. It's partly a monster horror movie in bright 1961 colors with a redicilous dinosaur puppet and it's partly a commercial fr Copenhagen tourism. Tourist attractions of the city is presented as in a tourist commercial on a tv-set in a railway station. We even got a jazz song in a jazz club in it's entirety side by side with loads of scenes of the monster tearing up Legoland as it seems.So bad it's good.

Edgar C (jp) wrote: The first significant Hollywood big-screen adaptation of the myth of Perseus is filled with visual mythological wonders and fantastic creatures: you will face the colossal might of the Kraken, you will fight giant scorpions, you will challenge Dioskilos (the two-headed dog), you will chase the Vulture flying on top of the wings of Pegasus, you will stare at the eyes of the Medusa and live to talk about it, you will see Sir Laurence Olivier as the most unfair motherfucker god of them all, the immortal Zeus, and you will find out that golden mechanical owls have the anatomical capacity to cough!Surprisingly enough, this feast for the eyes surpassed all of my personal expectations. Acting is not the strong aspect here, no. After all, everything is portrayed in its most extreme side of its spectrum: love at first sight which passion surpasses all realms of realistic credibility, fearless men, unbelievable bravery... All of the classic literature components that can make an unforgettable classical adventure. The beauty of it is to witness optical effects and stop-motion spectacles, with drastically noticeable superimposed images and scenarios throughout 60% of the running time. And you know what? I love it! I love it with every fiber of my being, consciously recognizing my weak-sided bias for these kind of visuals, because, for some weird psychological reason, even if they do not look so realistic or polished as millionaire CGI effects, they cause a bigger impact, and therefore enhance the epicness intended since the days of the silent film The Thief of Bagdad (1924) until today.74/100