A Hatful of Rain

A Hatful of Rain

Based on the stage play by Michael V. Gazzo, this noir-stained drama provides a searing look at the emotional carnage of a drug addicted ex-G.I. (Don Murray) along with his family and friends. Perhaps the harshest and most realistic perspective of a grim topic that holds up better than any other film of its type.

A Korean War veteran's morphine addiction wreaks havoc upon his family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bruno V (gb) wrote: Hot girlie neighbour ! Liked this Dutch - Flemisch - Limborgens film...a keeper

Kitty S (de) wrote: Stupid plot, Horrible acting and Garey Busey make for one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Wow.

Sara H (es) wrote: Okay....interesting but nothing special!The ending was nice, though!

Kate T (kr) wrote: "The truth was not ecstatic. It was vulgar and pointless." Meditations on the possibility of truth in documentary film making, voiced by Zak Penn, screenwriter of Elecktra. Yes, please and thank you.

Em x (jp) wrote: *drool* Johnny Depp! :P

Bill C (gb) wrote: Connery and Ormond are fine, but Gere's cartoonish Lancelot comes up short - literally and figuratively. Fat production - thin script.

M C (ru) wrote: Leprechaun 2 starts off with one of those dumb backstories that take you way to far back in time, and it doesn't get to much better from there. It's really just a failure in plot- the acting, FX, and dialog are pretty good, but the plot is cheesy uninteresting and clique. It sometimes makes the movie hard to watch. Like I said before it's not all bad. The kills are really elaborate and fun to watch and they are made even better by some very good practical effects. I'd recommend skipping to the third one unless you can let the dumb plot slide. 42/100

Craig S (kr) wrote: Not too many people have seen or heard of this movie but It is very entertaining. There is a strong story line, a very solid cast, tons of laughs, and some moments that may weigh a bit on the heart. It has a bit of everything and overall it is very entertaining. One of the best movies that many people have never heard of.

Kevin R (us) wrote: People have a morbid curiosity.A very hands-on circus organizer and owner starts losing employees to strange deaths. Initially, it appears like the deaths are accidents, but it quickly becomes apparent they are murders. A detective begins an investigation but it doesn't stop the deaths. All the circus employees believe it is the owner, but the owner swears her innocence. Can the owner prove her innocence by uncovering the killer?"I don't like being touched, especially by strangers."Jim O'Connolly, director of Horror on Snape Island, The Valley of Gwangi, Sophie's Place, Mistress Pamela, Vendetta for the Saint, and The Little Ones, delivers Berserk. The storyline for this picture is interesting and fun to watch unfold. The kill scenes were better than I anticipated, as was the acting. The cast includes Joan Crawford, Ty Hardin, Diana Dors, Michael Gough, and Judy Geeson."You get all worked up and you spoil everything."I came across this on Movies! and had to DVR it. I enjoy watching Crawford and she played the perfect ruthless circus owner in this film. This film is far from a classic, but it is worthwhile for fans of the old school horror films. I recommend seeing this if you're a fan of horror films from this era."Kill! Kill! Kill! That's all I feel inside me!"Grade: C+

Martin T (it) wrote: The cinematography is very good, highlighted by some impressive battle scenes. And the story is mildly engaging, although rather fragmented. It's the attitude I can't tolerate. All this gung ho patriotism makes me ill. They're falling all over themselves to serve their country and go kill some "Japs" and "nips". When they get put on "boring" duties, they get very crestfallen and start whining their asses off. And the score is unbearable. Sentimental, heavy-handed pap, and poorly acted as well.

Alain G (it) wrote: Goeie film met een goed verhaal. Heeft me blijven boeien, en een toch wel speciaal einde! Bekijken, zou ik zeggen!

Sarah B (br) wrote: Average rehashing of Pillow Talk. Tony Randall is absolutely amazing though.