A Haunted House

A Haunted House

A spoof of all the "found-footage/documentary style" films released in recent years.

Young couple Malcolm and Kisha move into their dream home.  When Kisha becomes possessed by the demon, Malcolm - determined to keep his sex life on track - turns to a priest, a psychic, and a team of ghost-busters for help. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter G (us) wrote: Overwhelming. Manages to deal with a totally obscene topic of enormous historical importance - and whose ramifications have yet to play out in contemporary Sino-Japanese relations - with the minimum of obscenity. The aestheticism was also NOT out of place - it was the perfect servant of the ethical issues. Having said that, I'm not sufficiently expert to comment on its historicity and therefore I'm not qualified to spot the underlying ideological currents. Watch this movie.

Hugo S (it) wrote: Aki Kaurismaki has a unique style that mixed dry humor and tragedy. The non-acting is often confusing but always used effectively. This one is no exception. Not everyone will enjoy it, but it's really pretty good.

Tonya M (de) wrote: It was lovely and cozy and sweet.

Antony W (de) wrote: the story of a father and son who arrive in denmark,the promise land in those days, for them. seeking a new life and adventure..it turns out to be a real struggle. As time goes by the father starts to age, the son dreams of leaving to seek out the world..moving story well worth a look. it billie august at his very best


Jodi K (jp) wrote: Charming, hysterical must see

Joel A (fr) wrote: A musical done Woody Allen style, so by no means your typical musical. This has all the usual attributes of Woody Film but a throwback with an old Hollywood musical feel.Filled with an all star line up, this just seems to work a little uneven in parts but overall quite enjoyable, I thought Woody & Alan Alda where the stand outs.It's a bit more of a risk on his end & I feel he did ok, the story is a little recycled but his his usual brand mark is evident. A fun, fluffy film...

Gimly M (ru) wrote: Far from Schumacher's worst film, and one that proves to be watchable. Kevin Bacon is certainly the best piece of this puzzle. Flatliners may from having a far stronger concept than execution, and the script is riddled with weaknesses, but it's not BAD, it's just not all that good. A middle of the road, okay-ish, tame sci-fi come horror/thriller.

Jarah A (ag) wrote: This movie is probably my favorite classic horror movie! Sam Neill's performance was outstanding, the film takes you on an amazing ride through the protagonist's descent into madness. A must see for horror fans!