A Haunting in Georgia

A Haunting in Georgia

Documentary that inspired "A Haunting in Conneticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia".

After Jerry's father dies, he is haunted by visions of him wearing a diaper and crying for a bottle. Eventually these visions turn violent and Jerry is forced to take part in a civil war reenactment. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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A Haunting in Georgia torrent reviews

Davis M (nl) wrote: Compelling dark dramady with a badass cast. I was a little turned off by the bells and whistles that David Atkins chose to use. a fun flick and Danny elfman kills the music.

Alex B (es) wrote: This is just about the very best kind of documentary film-making. (Werner Herzog is a moron in comparison.)

Derek G (mx) wrote: captures the south with extraordinary aptitudeMOONSHINESPEAKINGOFDEADLIFTS

Greg B (mx) wrote: the most realistic love story, tim carey's scene is one of rapid non sequeters

Anna M (au) wrote: He pushed a guy out the window of an elevator!

Denislav R (jp) wrote: I don't know if people really didn't like the movie or just feel they need to hate it, but this IS one of the better Adam Sandler movie out there. It's a funny entertaining story. It is a good movie in my opinion. I love how it never slows down. I love the siliness. There are problems with this movie, sure, but they by no means outweight the positives about it.