A-Haunting We Will Go

A-Haunting We Will Go

Stan and Ollie get involved with con men, crooks, a genial magician, and two interchangeable coffins with disastrous but funny results.

Stan and Ollie get involved with con men, crooks, a genial magician, and two interchangeable coffins with disastrous but funny results. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Al M (ca) wrote: An improvement over #5, Wrong Turn 6 still isn't great, but it manages to come up with a somewhat innovative new West Virginia setting--a mountain spa--and features some awesome death scenes that redeem it from being total garbage.

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Rangan R (it) wrote: Jesse eyes on a cold case.The fourth film in the Jesse Stone franchise, but it was based on the fifth book by Robert B. Parker that follows right after the 'Stone Cold'. Initially I thought only the first two films were not in the order, but now it looks the entire film series was so random adaptation. Anyway, if the connections between the films are proper, then there won't be any complication to follow the series for the viewers.I liked the third film a lot, but I'm not in the same mood after watching this. It is still a good film, yet compared to the previous one, no way near to that standard. Now Jesse back to alcohol consumption, because he has no case to deal other than giving out the parking tickets. But his psychiatrist advises him to get engaged in something so he can be sober again. That's where Jesse decides to dig on an old unsolved case. It literally takes us to the early 90s when a bank in the town was robbed.Jesse and Co finds some new evidence after visiting the 15 year old crime scene and try to put all the puzzle pieces together. Even he visits victim's parents in a surround town. Besides that, he also manages to handle a rape case. With all this, where the narration heads and how the film ends was told in the final act. This is a very important phase in the series, where some viewers would lose interest and some would be intrigued to keep going.I think the first two acts were good, moved on the right path and then in the final segment, especially after learning where it is headed, I kind of lost interest. But overall film was good and I won't attack to degrade it. Because still many more films to come and it has time to recover, particularly my expectation is high for the next one. So this film was kind of fallen short, but the better way to say is it slows down to bring normalcy."If you've got nothing to do, find something to do. If it's not important, make it important."It's good to see Kohl Sudduth back in the action, but after that fatal accident, now he's kind of reborn and the new him feels so weird, sometimes annoying as well. The sad part is Viola Davis having a baby and moved to LA. I think that is the end of her in the series. Her replacement was Kathy Baker and feels much better contributor. Also very appropriate to hang out with Jesse as a co- worker, mainly because of the age factor.There's no change in Tom Selleck, he as always great in the title role. His ex-wife's phone calls returned, but not annoying as it was in the earlier films. Also like his drinking habit back on the track. I think women are his main issue, especially after the divorce, it seems many women are eager to be a part in his life. But while he's engaged to do his job, they are becoming an unavoidable obstacle. So he has to decide what he needs and his work needs, so he complies with that like in the previous films.Should all the cop films must have a gun battle to prove it is a violent affair. This one has one at the very end, a surprise addition to end on the strong note. So someone dies here and the reason is very loud and clear. Jesse also goes down in one particular scene, which is very unusual to witness. Because a tough guy like him always pays good attention about happenings around him. Well written and directed with good performances. It maintained the stability in the series, but not the best film.Anyway, I liked the twist, but it was not stunning kind. Besides, Jesse's decision to close the case like as he wanted was a negative appeal. But thinking from the other side, it kind of justifies, only for the film, not in reality. You won't always expect moral stories, maybe that's the point here. I don't understand having a dog in the house and it does nothing. Reggie looked so depressed, and why it was portrayed that way is not clear. Particularly what happened in the scene before the credits roll brings doubt on Reggie as part of the film. I hope he gets better in the follow-up films.This film has some quantity of suspense, so you will be attached to it to know how it all concludes. The revelation is not good enough, particularly I was not satisfied, but that is the simplicity, not trying to be too smart. As being a part of the Jesse Stone series, it can be very much acceptable knowing the ups and downs are common in a film franchise. The next film as well hold the key to carry-out the rest of the films in the series, so I'm eager to review it once I finished watching. Till then bye.7/10

Mark P (gb) wrote: A poetic and profound document to Kurt Cobain, based on audio interviews and newly captured video. Well-constructed and allows an insight into the environment Kurt grew up within. I reckon you should see it!

Lisa M (de) wrote: This is a pretty good documentary about what it takes to live in the wilderness and survive. Makes you realize how hard it was for people before all of our electronics, technology and modern tools came around. Gotta admire a man crazy enough to do what he did!

Eric Z (nl) wrote: this one was good; however, the American release was a shitty cut up job -.-;; the only good version is the original Hong Kong version

Craig C (mx) wrote: A genre-defining British gangster film featuring Bob Hoskins in his breakout role as kingpin Harold Shand, who watches his empire crumble over the course of a Good Friday. Flawless script and performances by a superb ensemble cast. Look for a young Pierce Brosnan as a young Irish man. Essential.

Daniel K (mx) wrote: God I love classic Hollywood films. There??s almost always something a little magical about them even if they are on the mediocre side. They certainly got the title right here. It??s just about as melodramatic as they made them. Neither Powell, Loy, nor Gable give their best performances (especially Gable), but they??ll all good enough to keep it interesting. The story is a timeless one and never lags or allows one to lose interest. It??s a straight forward picture, but they don??t make lines they used to and few could deliver this as Powell does: ??Well, I was born at home, because I wanted to be near mother at the time.??