A Kiss of Chaos

A Kiss of Chaos

A Latino thriller wherein an emotionally conflicted artist's life is dragged into a vortex of Chaos when both her bullet wounded thieving ex-boyfriend and HIV positive sister end up on her ...

A Latino thriller wherein an emotionally conflicted artist's life is dragged into a vortex of Chaos when both her bullet wounded thieving ex-boyfriend and HIV positive sister end up on her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Khaled M (ca) wrote: Remember when we were naive and used to say, "Don't be silly there's no such thing called a computer virus can do physical harm, guess who was wrong.Solidly executed documentary about the terrifying truth of the illusion of privacy and the cyber-war behind it. The complete story about stuxnet virus and how USA almost lead the world to WWIII when they poked "The Bear" and the rattling cage was too vulnerable.

bill s (kr) wrote: Stupidity reins in this thriller that is not totally dry on the thrills.But there are many scenes where you'll scream at the screen"what the hell are you doing".

Hani B (es) wrote: A one sided propaganda film

Joel A (br) wrote: A very passionate 'only a friend of a band' could make documentary chronicling the life of Pearl Jam.Their journey to stardom was sudden but the behind the scenes journey...especially Eddie Vedder's who makes it so interesting.Filled with some of their greatest anthems & the struggles they go through & the bands great struggle the death of 8 fans at their infamous Copenhagen concert. This film is raw & passionate & a must for Pearl Jam fans...

Shavon U (br) wrote: I was really surprised that she didn't utilize all her options sooner.. Glad to hear they got their happy ending, no thanks to their father!

Jamie M (br) wrote: Funny shit. Basically it's the rap version of Spinal Tap. Actualy, it's the gangster rap rip off of Spinal Tap.

Calvin S (jp) wrote: Didn't find it funny, interesting or moving in any way. I really don't get why people like it.

Carson C (br) wrote: Was a very funny movie with a good message

Simon B (jp) wrote: All time favourite film!!!

Brandon S (ag) wrote: Fred Olen Ray's finest work, which really isn't saying much has aged pretty poorly but is still fun low budget horror. An private eye is hired to find someone's daughter but ends up stumbling accross a group of chainsaw weilding hooker cultist and trouble ensues. Sounds as bad as it is, but that's the greatest part. Packed with nudity and gore from start to finish with Linnea Quigley as an added bonus, not to mention one of the greatest titles ever.

Daniel S (fr) wrote: A brutally soul-crushing film with an unbelievably beautiful message. If you don't cry by the end of this movie, you probably aren't human.

Jay A (nl) wrote: This movie is terrible in the best kind of way. Harvey Keitel's, "Are Ye Talking To Me," horrid acting makes this a must see, he isn't even trying and that is the secret to Star Knight's greatness... I'd say it's a must see for anyone with an appreciation for movies that should never have been made.For the record I'm pretty sure upon original release this was not meant as a spoof. Why were the voices overdubbed despite the characters already speaking in English? Why must the goat jump three stories instead of walking back down from the cliff? Keitel does (?) figure out how to control the ship (?) or doesn't he??? Why was he knighted and the king put in prison? Answer: doesn't matter just watch the movie. These are not spoilers, it would be impossible to ruin this movie or it's plot even if I had three days to attempt at doing so.

Curtis R (de) wrote: Funny but often unseen Don Knotts classic. Has a early 70's Disney vibe to it but was made by Universal. If you like Don Knotts you will like this movie.

Samuel M (de) wrote: Otra de esas obras que nos demuestra lo buen cineasta que es Carpenter.Era dificil de creer que una obra con una propuesta tan alocada pueda ser una pelcula de terror tan bien enfocada y recreada. Christine no nos dar miedo per se, pero la tensin se va construyendo poco a poco de forma magistral, no solo por las actuaciones de sus actores, la edicin y ese brutal ritmo, sino por los increibles planos que consiguen convertir a Christine en un elemento realmente amenzador. Una cinta que se rod y edit con gran mimo, algo que se deja ver en cada segundo de pelcula.