A Kiss So Deadly

A Kiss So Deadly

A father falls in love with his daughters college roommate with some very dire consequences.

What happens when a father falls in love with his daughter's college roommate? In this film, not only is he finally suspected by his daughter, but eventually his obsession for the young ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben B (es) wrote: Get On Up is a biopic starring Chadwick Boseman as James Brown, an entertainer known as the "Godfather of Soul." The movie tells the story of James' rise to fame, his relationships, and his ego complicating things within his music groups. As most of you already know, I'm a sucker for a good movie revolving around music or musical figures, and Get On Up does not disappoint in its tunes. Boseman is phenomenal as James Brown; everything about his performance, on stage and off, resonates with the signature energy Brown was known for. The ensemble cast, including Viola Davis, Lennie James, Octavia Spencer, and Nelsan Ellis, adequately fills the shoes of the people in Brown's life. The one thing about this particular biopic that didn't work well for me was the directing. I understand that it's difficult to create a biopic with an overall story without making it seem like a bunch of random events piled together, but Tate Taylor makes an interesting choice early on in the movie; he delivers scenes not in sequential order for about the first half of the movie before abandoning the approach for a linear finish. This isn't necessarily a terrible thing, but it just seemed like the movie could have benefited from being entirely linear instead of part linear/part random. Overall, however, the movie is highly enjoyable (if not a bit long) with an iconic performance from Boseman. If you like James Brown or biopics, give it a watch.

Lisa R (es) wrote: Absolutely haunting.

Tracey c (jp) wrote: Based on a novel by Dean Koontz. A boy takes in a stray dog, later finding out that its an ultra-intelligent runaway from a genetic research lab. Unknow to him, the dog is being stalked by another escaped creature thats not quite so friendly.

Kimball T (de) wrote: Banned in Australia by the Commonwealth Censor in 1938. I assume it is still banned in 2014, because I am unable to buy a copy of this dark movie, even if I try to order it from outside Australia. I have watched it from start to finish, because I am fascinated by railways, and the relevant scenes are evocative, true to life, and historic. The story line is deeply disturbing, but nonetheless no worse than Love the Proper Stranger or Oklahoma.

Gregory C (gb) wrote: really good pulpy heist movie. joe don baker is hilariously sadistic. 70s cliches abounds. this is totally fun. i'm sure i wouldn't have watched this on my own. thanks for the recommendation, ben!

Jamie C (au) wrote: A terrible terrible film.

Sally Z (ag) wrote: I don't want to see it, but Herbie Goes Bananas is my favorite movie title ever.

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Samuel H (es) wrote: Great for teen viewers. Sure it not for everyone and I would certainly argue it shouldn't win any awards. Its superbly cliche, but the story and point it makes, especially concerning redemption are incredibly powerful.