A Knight for a Day

A Knight for a Day

By accident, Cedric (Goofy), replaces his master, Sir Loinsteak, in the armor just before the joust with champion Sir Cumference.

By accident, Cedric (Goofy), replaces his master, Sir Loinsteak, in the armor just before the joust with champion Sir Cumference. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Claire G (br) wrote: if this film was in any way decent i would call it a lovely tribute to The Royal Tenenbaums. as it is, however, The Longest Week is nothing more than a lifeless rip-off of a wes anderson movie. it is aesthetically quite pleasing, but fails in every other respect. the characters are underdeveloped and uninteresting, the relationships are not even remotely believable, and there is essentially no plot. there is no reason for anyone to waste an hour and a half of their time on this utter embarrassment of a film.

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ripple c (us) wrote: In a class of its own

Olympus T (au) wrote: worth watching for the David Lynch film.

Andrew B (gb) wrote: The power of this film is difficult to define and utterly impossible not to feel.

Orlok W (kr) wrote: Innocent French 60's fluff--Little script, lots of stunts!!

Dave S (ag) wrote: A must see at least every third Christmas.

josiah s (br) wrote: sleepaway camp is my favorite slasher movie. the movie was made in the 80's around the time Halloween and Friday the 13th was made. you don't know who the killer is and the end is so shocking and chilling you will think about it for days.

Jay C (fr) wrote: [2016-7-22] Stupid family

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