A koppányi aga testamentuma

A koppányi aga testamentuma

The story is placed in the 16th century, during the Turkish oppression of Hungary. Laszlo Babocsai, a young Hungarian warrior defeats Oglu, the Turkish agha of the Koppány nahiyah (today: ...

Mail for translation. A XVI. szazadban a torok elnyomas idejen Babocsai Laszlo, az ifju magyar vitez parviadalban legyozi a koppanyi torok agat. Az aga vegakarataban ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Courtney T (de) wrote: I have no idea why this movie was recommended to me. It looks boring and lame and I don't even think it's a musical. Yuck.

Kevin M W (us) wrote: Wanted to like this little indie zombie apocalypse that focuses more on the strain of simply surviving rather than horror ...but it doesn't really go anywhere.

Jon A (nl) wrote: Whatever impact the spirituality of the story may have had is totally removed by the quite appaling standard of acting throughout. Quite how an international best-seller can be turned into what looks like the lowest of low-budget movies, whilst still boasting special effects and some decent names in its cast, is a bigger mystery than anything in the book.

Lewis W (au) wrote: 90%Movie Performances:Johnny Knoxville (4.5)Bam Margeara (4.5)Steve-O (4.5)Dave England (4.5)Chris Pontius (4.5)Ehren McGhehey (4)Ryan Dunn (4)Preston Lacy (3)Wee Man (2.5)

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Dana A (ru) wrote: The child in me loves this. The adult loves the claymation ones more.

David S (ag) wrote: I had no idea Beethoven was such an ass, or at least that is how this movie portrays him. Worth seeing once.

Scott A (nl) wrote: I have wanted to see this one for as long as I can remember, and honestly have no idea what took me so long.Slater is fantastic as the shy kid that barely speaks by day, the most important voice on radio by night. I'm not sure this film will be for everyone, as much of the film is just Slater ranting for awhile to his radio audience.But as a teenager growing up, I remember dealing with a lot of these problems and my school was no different in that nearly all the adults didn't care about you. They just wanted you to pass their classes and get out of their sites, never offering to give a listening ear or some much needed guidance.The music in the film is stuff I hated growing up, but have come to enjoy more as an adult.I just wish the ending would have been stronger. Like I wanted another ten minutes to see what happened.And Samantha Mathis in her first role is very good as well. She not only nails her part, but is not above throwing her clothes off either! :)And Buffy fans, look for very early roles from Juliet Landau and Seth Green; Green's hair is so awful.

Steve W (au) wrote: This may be the most metaphysical movie of all time. Based on the play, Deathtrap is about playwright Sidney Bruhl, who's in a bit of a rut. After receiving an incredible play from a young upstart, he plots to murder this man and steal his work. But that's only the beginning! Full of fiendish plot devices and killer twists, the movie keeps up a very tense pace, even if the ending is a bit on the silly side. The actors and the plot are terrific, for a very absorbing and underrated thriller from Sidney Lumet.

Kirat P (us) wrote: I JUST LOVE THIS ONE

Damien B (nl) wrote: one of the best movies about post war reconstruction Japan and the human condition, to be seen in a double bill with The Beguiled with Clint Eastwood.

Alexander P (br) wrote: A great british film about a young man with a major problem with society - rash, raw and honest a great look at the bad side of british 60's youth culture.