À l'aventure

À l'aventure

A sexually unsatisfied young woman decided to pursue various sexual experiments and scenarios.

A sexually unsatisfied young woman decided to pursue various sexual experiments and scenarios. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lapman H (de) wrote: Not as good as Donnie's

Donovan K (fr) wrote: The rising action is flawless and genuinely scary. What's the problem with the second act? It's sort of inconclusive, but not entirely disappointing. A great film.

Asif M (us) wrote: This is how the big boys do it. Rollin With The Nines is an excellent film although sometimes predictable. Following the story between starting out in the UK music scene and inevitably making moves into drugs showing you lessons need be learnt without making the mistakes yourself.

Arjen K (kr) wrote: Blijft de beste muziekfilm die er is. Punt.

Daniel S (es) wrote: I remember when this first came out, everyone kept calling it a great mystery, so I finally see it, and there's hardly any mystery! The "mystery" aspect isnt introduced until like 25 mins left and is resolved so quickly that it isnt worth the time and effort, thats not to say it was a bad film for it, its an interesting drama about 2 conflicting females, it shouldve been marketed as such, the 2 lead girls are good, but needed way more charles dance

Marcus W (jp) wrote: Actually very similiar to Edward Scissorhands, and well worth a watch.

Naadhira A (de) wrote: I like Jack's charcter, but with pedophilia and incest is a bit much for one person to bear

Andrew G (ru) wrote: I know there are films like this that are supposed to be bad, but even on that level Carnosaur is a pathetic waste of a film. It came out the same year as Jurassic Park, but it was obvious which one was the superiour Dinosaur film in terms of story and effects. Carnosaur has everything you hate about a film, bad acting, awful effects and a boring story. There's not one thing handeled well, and you'd get more entertainment out of the poster than you would the entire film because it's honestly not worth seeing. If it weren't for it being very short so the pain doesn't last too long, it would be complete garbage.

khalid a (gb) wrote: nana's acting was sooo good and soo natural...i think nobody can do as he did in this movie

Henrik S (us) wrote: I am not a fan of John Water. I fact, I do not think he is a good filmmaker. People claim that his movies are ironic but I think that is just the way people want to see it which I can understand but the films are too poignant and superficial for my tastes to count as satire. I am sure, reading up on Waters, reading his books and interviews might shed some light on this matter but it is not my responsibility as a viewer to translate the movie into my language of perception. Some of the images and characters are fascinating and contemporary directors such as Lynch have borrowed a fair share from Waters but all the interesting elements and pieces do not make for a good movie. HX

Plain C (it) wrote: Such a sick film. remember watcing this when i was a kid. Great film

Paula E (jp) wrote: Little known, but very entertaining movie. A guy must find a girl to be his girlfriend and meet his father before he dies. But everything falls apart when his father lives!

Wesley J (au) wrote: Hey, i kind of like this movie, so back off. Patricia Arquette has never been sexier in my opinion, and Gabrielle Byrne has that swagger thing going for him. Some of it rings of the exorcist, but thats not a bad thing. It has its problems, oh yes, but its a fun watch.

Sean H (us) wrote: Quirky and average much like Monroe