A Lady Without Passport

A Lady Without Passport

A secret service agent falls in love with an illegal immigrant.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:74 minutes
  • Release:1950
  • Language:English,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

A secret service agent falls in love with an illegal immigrant. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lee R (de) wrote: Quite the B movie. Like West World but worse.

Greg R (nl) wrote: decent thriller...interesting setting of Taiwan...builds nicely...but nothing you haven't seen before done better....I found Van Der Beek kind of weak as a lead character

Simon D (fr) wrote: Interesting story of the life of a concubine competing for the attention of her husband with his other wives. I guess that the traditions shown here a pretty authentic which is a main pull of the film as it gives you an insight into a world which not many people know about.

Jacob B (ca) wrote: It's as enjoyable and funny as you would expect from a low-budget film by Troma, even though it's no 'Toxic Avenger'. Just don't watch this if you have a weak stomach or epilepsy.

Dathan R (kr) wrote: best mobster satire I've ever seen." the mk5 double action, hand grip!""it shoots through schools" ;l)

JD N (br) wrote: Ray Harryhausen was *the* visual effects master until the advent of Industrial Light and Magic's CGI. The Valley of Gwangi takes two great moneymakers of cinema - westerns and dinosaur movies - and ingeniously decides to combine them. The result is not quite as dazzling as one would expect, but Harryhausen's dinosaurs don't disappoint. T.J. (Gila Golan) runs a small-time rodeo struggling to stay open. Her ex-fiance Tuck (James Franciscus) offers to buy her out, but she reveals an ace up her sleeve: a tiny horse. Turns out Tuck has seen fossilized tracks similar to the feet on the tiny horse, and he consults a British paleontologist named Cromley (Laurence Naismith), who identifies it as a living Eohippus. The horse comes from an area known as Forbidden Valley, proclaimed by gypsies to be cursed. Bromley works with the gypsies to release the horse in the hopes of seeing its home. T.J. and Tuck set out after him to retrieve the stolen prize. They soon learn that the Eohippus isn't the only beast to escape extinction: a young boy is nearly carried off by a Pteranodon, and an Ornithomimus they chase is devoured by a monstrous Allosaurus named Gwangi. They realize that Gwangi would be worth a fortune and attempt to capture him, thanks in part to a distraction from a Styracosaurus. One of the cowboys is eaten, and then Gwangi knocks himself out, allowing the survivors to capture him and cart him back to town. When they put Gwangi on display for the rodeo circus, he kills a midget gypsy, Bromley, and a strange screaming elephant. T.J., Tuck, and the little Mexican boy lure Gwangi into a church, where they trap him and burn the church down around him. The townsfolk are upset that their church was destroyed, a rare creature like Gwangi had to be killed, and a little upset about the stack of bodies attributed to Gwangi because of their greed. The movie transitions well from straight-up western to all-out monster movie, but some of the dialogue is campy and if not for Harryhausen's wonderful stop-motion effects, the movie would be an utter disaster. Gwangi itself is one of the finest visual effects prior to the 90's, and the battle between he and the Styracosaurus is amazing to watch. Overall, one of the better movies that Harryhausen worked on, as well as one of the better non-Jurassic Park dinosaur movies.My rating: B / 3.5 stars

Pavan R (nl) wrote: With two principal characters this sweet story set during the WW2 is entertaining mainly due to good acting and direction. A good chilled out watch which isn't an action movie.

Michael M (de) wrote: This movie was funnier in college. Watching it again 14 years later, it still has a few laughs (and skinny Gwyneth still is on fire), but it's just not as funny. I'll say this is still one of the few movies where I can stomach Jack Black (as I normally hate that jackass) and I still wonder why Jason Alexander didn't make more movies. My guess it's because he wipes his ass with Seinfeld money.

Willie J (fr) wrote: The movie was too ambitious for it's time. Director John Huston tries to create a unique film that can present it's themes with subtly, but the times were too constraining. Brando and Elizabeth Taylor create a nice pair on screen and give some of their best work. But the best thing about the movie is the cinematography. It is beautiful and enchanting, giving the film a sense of wonder, keeping in tune with its tone. It's ambition is admirable, but it's execution falls short of what could have been an exceptional film.