A Last Note

A Last Note

A retired actress whose husband has recently died visits her summer home. There she has encounters with old friends and acquaintances who bring various stories and news of death and the past

Yoko is a famous actress who goes to a mountain chalet for a few days rest. There, she learns a secret from her companion Toyoko. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alexis T (nl) wrote: A movie with many layers even invisible ones that is always riveting and smart. Stewart is impressive, carrying every scene of the movie with an athereal Grace.

Hayley K (fr) wrote: Campy but entertaining.

Joseph C (kr) wrote: I see ya'll making that face....idc... I'm a late 80s early 90s kid....These are my boys!!!

Scott B (ca) wrote: Great movie! I actually wasn't sure what to expect but it ended up being excellent! The two issues - the house and the wife - complement each other well. James Cromwell does a great job in the role.

Matthew W (es) wrote: I AM 100 FEET TALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS MOVIE

David G (br) wrote: Equally entertaining and funny (or funnier).

palki g (ag) wrote: sooooooooo cool movie i love it.

Abel D (ag) wrote: Terrific & unapologetically cheesy, this Marshall-Critchion adventure amounts to an amusing matinee adventure. Boosted by quality production values, wonderful ham from Curry and Hudson as a smooth hunter complete with refined accent, and a surprisingly moody yet also lively and energetic score from old reliable Jerry Goldsmith, 'Congo' makes for some amusing entertainment, as epitomized by the immortal 'sesame cake' scene.

Tanner B (br) wrote: Trancers (1985) C-76m. ??? D: Charles Band. Tim Thomerson, Helen Hunt, Michael Stefani, Art LaFleur. Hard-nosed police inspector Thomerson is sent back in time to terminate an evil criminal who kills government officials in the past so they won't exist in the future. Very entertaining sci-fi with imaginative sets, amusing Thomerson performance, tongue-in-cheek script, and remarkable pacing. Hunt is also an asset. Followed by several sequels.

John M (gb) wrote: It's a pretty half-ass Bond honestly plot-wise, but the action scenes are amazing.

Adam R (us) wrote: War might be hell, but what are we to make of men who engage in it for nothing more than profit? "Dogs of War" never answers that question, making half-hearted forays into just about every war-action movie angle imaginable and mastering none of them. Jamie Shannon (Christopher Walken) is a broken-down mercenary hired to help take down a dictatorship dominating the fictional country of Zangaro. In the film's stronger first half, Jamie begins by investigating the nation, bribing customs agents to get in, taking pictures, and talking with natives before being captured and tortured by the dictator's men. Jamie is released, goes back to the states to form a team, then raises hell in the movie's final act. "Dogs" plainly doesn't know what to be, combining commentary on the third-world with Rambo-style action sequences and international intrigue to uniformly ungainly effect. The middle section of the movie -- set entirely in the U.S. -- never seems to end, comprising scenes of Jamie recruiting a team of fellow "dogs," reconciling with an ex-wife who acts more like an estranged mother/sister combination, and some bullshit subplot involving a journalist.

Felicity B (au) wrote: A swedish movie with a feast of beautiful scenery and music. I was so young when I saw this. I have the sadness of the end of the film in my mind for ever. You've got to see this film if you like swooning romance and secretly enjoy the flushes of tears and intense emotions elicited by a devastating romantic tragedy. This one will really get under your skin and you probably won't ever forget it either.

Samantha B (it) wrote: Inspiring.. funny.. real. Must see!

saul m (ru) wrote: i like the movie is soo good!!!!

Cole M (jp) wrote: Anybody who wishes to pursue acting needs to watch this film. No, they need to study this film.

Rawand A (us) wrote: One Of My Favourites Despite of What Most Say.

EQ R (ag) wrote: While the film sported a great cast with a nice turn in from Worthington, it still could not escape the "made for TV" run of the mill feeling and tone that it carried. With too many stories going on at once and a few loose ends that were never tied up its a difficult film to recommend. While the performances were great the script just felt too jumbled and weighed down and at times the pace dragged. It's an ok watch if you are a fan of shows like "C.S.I." D+