A Legitimate Defense

A Legitimate Defense

Pierre Lambert buys a bar in Pigalle and accepts to pay "protection money" to "Bébert le Caïd", a brutal gangster. Over time, Bébert raises his fare and, realizing Pierrot is reluctant to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frank G (ag) wrote: Harsh and emotional, this adaptation is not far from a masterpiece.

Alexander K (kr) wrote: If you can get over how overwhelmingly tragic the ending is (which took some time for me), this is a piece of cinema I highly recommend. Brilliantly directed by Ang Lee.

Gergana D (br) wrote: The best role of Julia Roberts I've seen.

Benjamin M (ag) wrote: Power To The People!! Go Obama!!

CJ A (es) wrote: Four lonely souls duke it out in a rundown apartment in this thrilling, incisive, and at times brutal melodrama that explores how mere suffocating proximity can drive human relationships to pieces. The impressionistic cinematography especially dazzles.

Aidan C (es) wrote: Even though the dialogue is creaky at times, this is an enjoyable and exciting bit of fluff. Lighter than other '70s conspiracy thrillers such as The Parallax View, but still keeps you gripped until the end.

Joe C (ag) wrote: Persona meets Single White Female. Nuff said

Carol H (mx) wrote: Not the best musical I've ever seen, but also not the worst.

Chuck S (au) wrote: Recommend...A classic war movie that should be in any serious collectors collection. What makes this movie so special is not the special effects, drama, or action, but as an audience, what we get back from the film. It is a 1950's Hollywood rendition of the true life exploits of one of America's most decorated WWII hero, Audie Murphy. It also depicts the the lifestyles, hardships, and courage of the people of that era. It illustrates the differences of what movies were and who the audiences were then. It presents the movie audience with the opportunity to see history on the screen, not only the WWII events, but about the times, the people, and the movie business of that era as well. Finally, it's an enjoyable film to watch, where you will want to cheer on the hero and smile with pride at the end.

Courtney G (kr) wrote: It was ok. The story line was kind of boring but the musical numbers were pretty good.

Bea B (nl) wrote: The topic of the movie sounded very promising, however it was quite boring and disappointing. The characters didn't seem to have any substantial development and the different conflicts, between the protagonist and the sister or the protagonist and the cult were not allowed to involve. It was filmed very beautifully and the setting of the house helped create the isolation that the film tried to portray.

Scott R (au) wrote: Career Boxing put in a realistic way. A little weak on the fighting, but the acting otherwise was good.