A Lego Brickumentary

A Lego Brickumentary

A look at the global culture and appeal of the LEGO building-block toys.

Of all the toys arising from the 20th century| there has never been one like Lego bricks. This film covers the history of this product of Denmark and how it arose
from a toy company with an owning family that refused to let either hard times or multiple fiery disasters get them down. Furthermore| we also explore the various
aficionados of the product like the collectors| hobbyists| artists| architects| engineers| scientists and doctors who have found uses for this classic construction
toy that go far beyond children's playtime. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


A Lego Brickumentary torrent reviews

intuciic (kr) wrote: sooooooo stupid and boring

Yo L (fr) wrote: A great movie! Definitely worth seeing if you have the time.

Rotimer J (ag) wrote: Pretty goddamn bad, but we got a few chuckles out it.

Narae P (es) wrote: Don't do this to yourself.Pure cringefest.

Lori B B (ru) wrote: Wonderful movie! I would highly recommend this movie to anyone interested in sports or autism. It will warm your heart and open your eyes.


Joseph K (fr) wrote: Excellent horror despite some mediocre acting. It's those clowns, those silent, methodical, brutally violent clowns that make this enjoyable! Any detractors who might hate this just because of real-life people killing in this way, don't get it. That's real life. This movie is not.

Jonathan K (ag) wrote: What more can you say that hasn't already been covered in the previous reviews? Incredible piece put together regarding a delicate situation in pro sports. More people ought to sit down and watch this movie as it would help them better understand hockey and the fighting being allowed in the game. Many great interviews and thoughts provided by the many players that contributed, they probably could've made this an 8-hour movie with all of the interviews compiled for this project. Thanks again for providing all of this wrapped up in one flick.

James S (mx) wrote: Well first I have more clown stuff than this. Maybe next time they could call me for props. I was a little sad I didn't get to see much clown stuff in a movie called Clown Town.

F B (us) wrote: Excellent documentary

David S (fr) wrote: Sure it borrows from countless films that came before, but that's kind of the formula that movies like this have to follow. It's not trying to be groundbreaking. It's using the elements known to the horror genre that have proven their worth to the industry. It's worked since Psycho and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, so they're not trying to stray from what has worked for so long. So ClownTown, as silly as it sounds, works well to introduce a genuinely good slasher film, mildly scary, very entertaining, and a definite thumbs up. It's a mix of The Hills Have Eyes and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, but with clowns. If any downsides, I'd say this movie needed a bit more on the psyche of the children growing up (the 15 years in between opener and the rest of the movie). I wanted to learn more about the crazy children and their parents. I want to know who the other clowns are. But, these highlights would work well in a sequel as well. Let's hope I'm not the only one that wants to see such a sequel/prequel of sorts.

Cheryl D (mx) wrote: As a mother of an autistic child, this movie gives hope in abundance!

Anthony L (us) wrote: I really like this movie because am a swimmer.there do a great job at showing what it's like to be a swimmer,and the actors make it fell like their are swimmers.