A Little Bit Of Heaven

A Little Bit Of Heaven

It's a comedy about a guarded woman who finds out she's dying of cancer, but when she meets her match, the threat of falling in love is scarier than death

The film revolves around a married man falling in love with Marley, a young woman suffering from cancer, although he soon suspected she might be the ghost of a woman who died long time ago. For her part, she had never experienced love, Marley met a good doctor, but rather indifferent. But now, when finding true love of her life, Marley was harsher than death. Whether love can help optimistic young girl overcome that cruel disease? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Philip S (kr) wrote: Entertainment One's latest crime thriller (if one can venture to call it that) is one of those movies that must be watched more than once to be fully appreciated. It has been received to largely mixed reviews. Chances are that those who gave the movie bad marks perhaps didn't give it more than a passing glance in their first viewing of this not so ordinary story. It is not a movie that fits perfectly into every critic's comfort zone. Rather, it delves into a far more psychological and emotional place through the pairing of Gus (David Morse) and Robert (Martin Donovan). What audiences get in the pair's story is a story of two men who know each other like brothers. And just as with brothers, the pair have tensions hidden just below the surface that come out when Gus takes Robert hostage after having killed a liquor store clerk.Part of the reason that this movie doesn't fit nicely into the mold of so many critics is that it comes across ironically like one of writer/director Martin Donovan's own personal works. It takes place within the confines of one set--the home of Robert's mother. Most of the pair's time is spent in the home's living room. Through their discussions, one can infer that having known each other through the better part of each other's lives, there is perhaps some jealousy on the part of Gus toward Robert because of Robert's success. Yet through that jealousy, audiences still see a certain bond between the pair that makes for an intriguing dichotomy. This mix of personalities eventually leads the pair to a final climactic moment that will ultimately leave audiences' completely surprised and shocked by the story's end.For the drama inside the house, one can't help but laugh at the seeming social commentary on the general public toward instances such as the standoff. Both Gus and Robert's mother sit outside the house waiting the next developments. At times, their mouths hang agape, eyes wide. It represents what so much of the public does at such cases. Perhaps the funniest moment shared outside the house comes when Robert's mother pulls out her asthma inhaler, proceeds to use it and then is offered a cigarette by one of her friends. It's all audiences can do to laugh at the irony. It's one more aspect that makes this underrated and underappreciated story worth at least one watch by anyone that has enough of an open mind.

Ben T (nl) wrote: Cute movie with a good Jack Black performance.

obscene c (br) wrote: The Japanese are just plain fucked up.

John P (kr) wrote: I don't remember how "102 Dalmatians" ended because...it's not good.

James R (mx) wrote: Slightly better than The Sixth Sense!

Brad W (jp) wrote: One of the best of the Hammer films, and probably the best of all of the Dracula films Lee appeared in. The movie profits from a great script, and a very talented cast!

barbara a (br) wrote: If the movie was good enough to be David's favorite (Prometheus) in "the year of our Lord 2091" it is certainly grand in 2014. I was aware, when I watched the scenes in the desert, if produced today they may try to "animate the desert" to save money. The downward spiraling stages of Lawrence's troubles were mirrored in the reaction of Ali to the ideals that were laid aside. Until Lawrence just gave up any hope of a meaningful end.

Carol H (de) wrote: It started off promising enough. But ultimately, "Brigadoon" was too over-the-top and lovey-dovey for my taste.

Christian S (jp) wrote: I'd give it 1 star but there was SOME boxing so I'll give it that. But honestly, Rocky 5 just makes me sad. Despite the previous for being classics (And also great inspiring sports flicks), Rocky 5 just makes you feel that Rocky is getting sick and is staring to die. I'm not just talking about Balboa, I'm talking about the franchise to.

Riley A (it) wrote: Okay, but some problematic undertones prevent it from being great.