A Little Inside

A Little Inside

A professional baseball player tries to single-handedly raise his young daughter while pursuing his own dreams.

A professional baseball player tries to single-handedly raise his young daughter while pursuing his own dreams. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alain Z (br) wrote: This second opus is good as the first one, even better. The exotic landscape is playing a big part of the story from this particular zombie movie. Even if the zombie are very slow as the first one (in Africa) the intense dramatic situation of the protagonist let the threat shivers all along the movie. A very good moment for zombie movie fans with a good direction from the Ford's brothers and very charismatic actors. A Must-see movie such as the first one.

Hael C (au) wrote: cute & sweet. Sara Rue is adorable. if you're a fan for super cheesy chick flicks then this is for you. unfortunate it wasn't for me too cheesy. It could of, would of been a nice love story but felt flat.

E L (de) wrote: Despite Anita Mui's rather energetic attempt to save this film, the boring jokes and plotline sink it like a stone.

Dirk Arjen M (br) wrote: Movie wise I loved this film. It was an accurate depiction on how mental illness can sabotage your relationships with others and can even rob the victim of its own creativity. In many stories the depressed and tormented artist tends to lend creativity from its misery, in real life, mental illness tends to cripple you and take and energy and life out of you. I really liked how the movies depicts depression as such and doesn't romanticize it.I also want to mention Christina Ricci's performance as an actress. She must have indulged in some dark places of her own, to present such an accurate depiction of mood swings and irrational jealously. I applaud her bravery in this role.Story ark wise, I really liked how the main character was honest in showing her faults. Many movies are cheap in the way they don't dare to have to the main character do something wrong, however in this movie she does awful things, yet your still on her side the whole time. The message of the movie however, is still not entirely clear to me. While the character, and by extension, the writer of the book who actually went through this, she had no problem with doing party drugs and abusing alcohol to alter her mood, but when she is presented with prescription drugs that are neither addictive nor destructive, but actually help her do "the right thing" and say "the right words" she gets all critical and existential. What is the last part of the movie trying to say? That we expect people to be perfect, happy and productive so we drive many within our society to depression and therefore Prozac? Or is the movie a critique of psychiatry in general in their over-reliance on medication?All in all a good movie , I recommend it for anyone who is interested or goes through mental illness resembling depression, bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorder.

Robert D (br) wrote: A ratastic '80s horror flick about giant sewer rats. Since this was pre-CGI, the rats are animatronic and also dachshunds dressed up as megarodents. That's right... wiener dogs! Poor Scatman Crothers also makes an appearance here two years after working with Kubrick on "The Shining." This is "Bad Movie We Love" worthy--and drinking while watching is almost required--but you're still better off watching "Willard."

ramis v (mx) wrote: Sergio Corbucci and Franco Nero and Thomas Milian and Jack Palance and Ennio Morricone make this film and abolute must in any collection

Dylan G (au) wrote: Joel Schumacher made THIS?!?!