A Little Trip to Heaven

A Little Trip to Heaven

Insurance investigator Abraham Holt travels to a tiny town in rural Minnesota to look into a particularly unusual insurance claim stemming from a horrific car accident. As Holt examines the scene of the wreck, it all seems a bit too perfect. And when he interviews Isold Mcbride and her shifty husband, Fred -- the impoverished beneficiaries of the massive, recently initiated life-insurance policy -- he begins to suspect that something is amiss.

A husband and wife tangle with an investigator over her dead brother's million-dollar insurance policy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


A Little Trip to Heaven torrent reviews

Pam H (ag) wrote: WOW all I can say is, if you're into mashup's, remixes, etc...or copyright issues, watch.

Li G (ag) wrote: Meh...kinda good kinda bad.

Michael T (ru) wrote: Noisy, boring and uninspiring.

Michael U (ag) wrote: One of my all-time faves...it's good time to see it...SOLIDARITY FOREVER

Clay B (mx) wrote: SWEET REVENGE (1984)

Karen F (ag) wrote: I loved this quite obscure film when I first saw it when I was 17, and so I watched it again mostly out of nostalgia. I was surprised how good it was, at the way the storyline still touched me, and most of all how much it had affected my outlook on life - "Do you start believing what you see in the mirror and forget about what you feel inside? Do you stop feeling because the outside of you makes it seem foolish? Does becoming older mean feeling foolish? What's there to look forward to if you can't go on loving and being loved? I'm never going to be like that." I'd forgotten the quote, but I must have taken it to heart, because I've never been like it either.

Justin B (br) wrote: Half full bore cheesy, half genuinely unsettling. It's an exploitation movie that is far better than it has any right to be.

Riley O (us) wrote: Great plot, great role played by Harrison and some exciting sequences make this Tom Clancy novel come to life.

Jill R (gb) wrote: This isn't a good movie but it's an improvement for Seltzer and Freidberg and I laughed a couple times 98 percent of the jokes fall flat, but I was mildy entertained and chucked a couple times. This is a slight improvement but still An awful comedy.Grade D+