A Lizard in a Woman's Skin

A Lizard in a Woman's Skin

A young woman is accused of murdering her debauched neighbor after dreaming it. Was she set up, or did she really do it?

A young woman is accused of murdering her debauched neighbor after dreaming it. Was she set up, or did she really do it? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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sherry c (ag) wrote: >< ?"(TM)? (R) >< (TM)(TM)??? Except Love in a Puff, it's just impossible to find another amazing HK rom-com like this oneas good as the 1st one, so funny yet touchingn a^ol !

Joe C (kr) wrote: Just when I thought I'd seen it al....

Ryan V (ag) wrote: Chick flicky and depressing, but its a passable movie.

Justin O (mx) wrote: One of Nielsen's better spoofs outside of Naked Gun, a great take on James Bond, though Austin Powers later does it better.

roberta b (it) wrote: looking for this movie everywhere ... why can't I find it.

Logan M (ca) wrote: I enjoyed it as a kid, but now, not so much.

Dave R (ru) wrote: a 1952 donnie brasco, only in this case the guy who goes undercover to take down some gangsters isn't a fed - he's just a guy hired by a factory owner! some interesting camera work and there is a fair amount of violence - only, the bad guys are horrible shots and the fight scenes are kind of funny - though they do get an A for effort.if you like old gangster films this worth a look.

Sanchayan S (fr) wrote: Disconnected acting, plenty of plot holes, less motivation of the story and bad direction along with poor characterization and a blunt screenplay marred this movie which could otherwise have been an intelligent , fluid and emotional one. The dragon voiced by Sean Connery is quite like-able partly because of the voice and the scenes involving the dragon . However in those days where animatronics were quite accomplished with movies like "Jurassic Park " taking it to new levels , using a well designed but poorly rendered CGI dragon brought out the grandeur of the dragon by a long way. Even then the scenes involving Bowen and the dragon looked quite fun .However there were certain moments which could have been portrayed in a real beautiful way specially at the end but was absolutely marred by bad visual effects and direction. Unnecessary battle and sword fights which lacked real motivation was a primary distraction of which was otherwise a good story in the heart.

Damjan R (br) wrote: Intense and pensive, but at times stiff and didactic in its treatment of the subject, 'Munich' charts the path of the destructive power of the circle of violence which never ends. Spielberg walks a fine line here, stepping only seldom aside to let the screenplay talk some sugary generalities, but the character work on Avner more than makes up for any slippage. Could use a little bit of tightening, as its length tends get in the way of the storytelling, but overall, this is a strong effort.

Robby G (es) wrote: Very unique movie. Had a good concept, Viking sci-fi action thriller, don't get more unique than that. Had an interesting plot, with a few decent performances. Thought some of the action sequences were played out well, It was somewhat predictable, not leaving you to think much, and even though the plot had an interesting concept to it, they could have done so much more to make this movie great. Still a fun movie to watch with plenty of action.

Nilufer R (us) wrote: I don't know where I even hear about these movies which I immediately regret after watching. It could vey well be a family drama but some scenes were oh so terrible, like it was directed by a high school kid or something. Acting wasn't all that disturbing but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone I know.

Erik D (fr) wrote: I'd been wanting to watch another Viggo Mortensen movie for quite some time now and one appeared on Netflix the other night that sounded quite interesting. The Two Faces of January also stars KIrsten Dunst and Oscar Isaac (who coincidentally keeps showing up in movies I didn't know he was in) in a story set in Greece in 1962. Viggo and Kirsten are a couple on vacation who develop a strange relationship with their tour guide. They quickly become best friends and the couple ends up staying just a little bit longer. A major incident happens that cements the three as potential accomplices.. for a time.The Two Faces of January was a smartly written and very real sort of thriller. The performances of all three stars were excellent and succeeded in capturing my complete attention to the point I forgot I was watching actors. The pacing of the plot made sure the film was never dull and the chemistry between all three was perfect. Viggo and Kirsten were an actual believable couple and you began to empathize with them up to a point. I know a lot of people have not been big fans of Kirsten Dunst's movie career but trust me when I say that this film may be her best. If you want to see her in a truly excellent performance, you need to watch this film. The same goes for Viggo Mortensen who I'm glad to see is still turning out classics. I guess I need to stop saying Oscar Isaac surprised me with how good he was since he makes every single film better just by being in it. I need to stop writing anymore and just drive home the fact to all of you that you need to watch this film. The soundtrack, setting, and story are all excellent and there are surprises around every corner. This is such an underrated little gem.

Jesse F (es) wrote: A teen comedy masterpiece. A beautiful cast, tasty hilarious jokes (Particularly from Seann William Scott as "Stifler") and characters that are just so undeniably lovable.

Ken D (kr) wrote: Worth a watch if you are a Monroe fan.

stefano l (nl) wrote: The cast was very good, at least the director and the two main actors, so the premises could be good. Without being gruesome it manages to be intriguing and keeping the attention high for all the lasting of the movie. Very good thriller.