A Lonely Cow Weeps at Dawn

A Lonely Cow Weeps at Dawn

A young widow, Noriko, lives with her senile father-in-law, Shukichi, on a farm. He believes his favorite cow, long gone, is still alive. Noriko pretends to be the cow and lets him milk her - a satisfying arrangement for them both.

A young widow, Noriko, lives with her senile father-in-law, Shukichi, on a farm. He believes his favorite cow, long gone, is still alive. Noriko pretends to be the cow and lets him milk her - a satisfying arrangement for them both. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kyle T (nl) wrote: Music was better than expected

Jessica W (gb) wrote: It's a low budget film, but that doesn't excuse it from being a dreadful film. It's a little ridiculous at some points and just plain stupid at others. It might have been a decent comedy, but as a drama it's severely lacking.

Mike M (jp) wrote: It's not funny - its idea of comedy is to make its leading lady a tranny, and get an old dear to utter the word "bum" - but at least it's not another paean to Soho gangsters or the Rettenden Range Rover murders. Otherwise, unexceptionally poor, with a lot of tedious film set trivia to sit through; the Frank Harper cameo comes too late to be worthwhile, and you mostly agree with Fairbrass's honest evaluation of the film-within-the-film: "F**k me, what a load of old s**t."

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Sren P (es) wrote: Prtentis, dilettantisk og kedelig!

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Reno V (es) wrote: "SOLDIERS VERSUS WERWOLVES"- 'Dog Soldiers' is a 2002 British horror comedy directed by Neil Marshall (The Descent), starring Kevin McKidd (Trainspotting) and Liam Cunningham (Game of Thrones). To me the film starts off pretty messy, I didn't really like the camera shots, but then the actions begins and the angles improve and story gets interesting. Hilarious is the way the survivors use everything the find as a weapon against the attacking werewolves. Funny to know is that 'Dog Soldiers' takes place in the Scottish highlands, but most of the movie was filmed in Luxembourg. A werewolf-movie to sink your teeth in. A squad of six British soldiers are dropped in a forest somewhere in the Scottish highlands. They are there on a training mission, but soon discover that it will be a death or alive situation. A SAS camp is found. All soldiers have been slaughtered. Only one has survived; captain Richard Ryan (Cunningham). Because the night is about to fall the six men take the wounded Ryan with them to find a place to spend the night. Suddenly they hear a skin crawling howl and are chased by a pack of werewolves. After losing one of their own, and their leader badly wounded, they come across a rural roadside, where they meet zoologist Megan. She takes them to a desolated house, where second in command Private Cooper (McKidd) orders them to barricade themselves for the night. Who will survive?

John W (ag) wrote: In one of the worst/best movies you will ever see, Ice-T and Coolio (who get top billing on the DVD cover) die within the first 3 minutes of the movie. What follows is a painful and hilarious unfolding of a post-apocalyptic tale (which is made obvious by the serene setting of green grass, trees, and lakes). Sasha Mitchell (remember him as Cody from TGIF's "Step By Step"?) is the MVP of this flick and pretty much guarantees that he will never be taken seriously by Hollywood ever again. I highly recommend this to anyone hanging out at a friend's apartment getting drunk or high (uh...on life of course). I couldn't write such bad dialogue if I tried: "What I lack in brute strength, I make up for in speed and agility." Yeah...obviously the writers have been playing "Streets of Rage" too much.

Matt T (au) wrote: No one can survive becoming a legend.

David M (gb) wrote: A movie that'll only ever be appreciated by a small group of people - which I'm in. Goofy, sexy with some tragic 80's horror thrown in & all on the original Wisteria Lane set no less. It's a laugh! And to all the haters.... if we want your opinion, we'll beat it outta ya, so shut it!

LaVerne S (it) wrote: This was a good movie, full of suspense, even though Doris Day did overact at times. I really liked John Gavin in his part. I was really scared at times.

Gareth D (de) wrote: Hard to watch another film once this mould breaker enters the subconscious. Fantastic drive using masterful editing. A genuine classic.

intuciic (jp) wrote: weird movie.. there is some potential story in it, but it hasnt been managed to be shown in good way...

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