A Long Walk

A Long Walk

A lonely retired girl's High School Principal who's lost his wife to alcoholism moves to an old apartment in a country town. There he forms a relationship with a neglected little neighborhood girl.

Matsutaro Yasuda, a retired girl's High School Principal who has lost his wife to alcoholism and is forsaken by his Daughter, moves to an old apartment in a country town. Yasuda, at his new... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam P (es) wrote: The basic reveal of moving your family in only five houses down from the priest that sexually abused you as a child is haunting enough, but this documentary brings up a lot of unexpected questions and correctly points its aim at the Catholic church's hypocrisy and refusal to acknowledge its own sins; no matter the scarring, soul-devouring effects on even the most devout believers.

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Indira S (mx) wrote: it's god but i'm afraid its forgettable :|

Heather M (br) wrote: I will pass on this one.

Collin P (nl) wrote: This movie isn't perfect but I really enjoyed it. It builds up a huge compassion level for the characters and actually makes you feel for them for what they're going through. The music plays along nicely with the terrific cast. Mel Gibson is truly one of the historic movie greats.

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Calvin C (nl) wrote: Great performance from Natalie Wood and a great debut from Warren Beatty. A story about a girl who took her breakup a little too seriously. Dramatic and sometimes disturbing, but a good young love/coming of age film.Grade: A-

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Chris B (br) wrote: Enough is enough now. The formula is starting to fray at the edges and the characters have no where left to go. This is a kids film but there are points that it feels that even kids might be bored.

Lyle M (br) wrote: It's about as good as a modern day western gets..

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