A Love to Hide

A Love to Hide

A young Jewish girl, Sarah, is looking to escape the clutches of the Third Reich after seeing her parents and sister brutally slain by a smuggler who betrayed them while attempting to escape to England. Terrified, she is sheltered by her childhood friend Jean, a homosexual in a clandestine relationship with his lover Philippe.

A young Jewish girl looking to escape the clutches of the Third Reich after seeing her parents and sister brutally slain while attempting to make their way to England is sheltered by an old... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Siobhan J (au) wrote: Went to see this film with my son and a few of his friends aged 8-10. As big Moshi Monster fans they seemed to enjoy it, (or maybe they just enjoyed the day out and company??) I found it intellectually painful to watch and agree it is another marketing ploy to sell merchandise. Animation was very pre-school and story line was shallow. However, the kids, as I said before, enjoyed it, but they are a good natured and polite bunch of boys who thoroughly love the cinema experience.

Steve J (es) wrote: Jeffrey Combs is hammily fun in a Karloff-style turn as a sadistic millionaire in this otherwise drab, predictable thriller which finds a group of down-and-outers competing in a not-particularly-surprising 'game' to win a massive sum of money. Most of the twists are utterly unsurprising, the performances (other than Combs) are serviceable at best, and the reactions of the characters to their predicament is wholly unbelievable. Don't bother unless you LOVE Jeffrey Combs (and there's no shame in that).

Noname (gb) wrote: Not as good as i thought it could be. The beginning seemed okey. Anyway the movie are watchable and starrs Bill Pullman and Julia Ormond in the main roles. Its a thriller about a murder case. Overall an average movie in the plot and acting.

Sam E (ag) wrote: less than perfect, not great.

(it) wrote: It was horrible very racist if you ask me.

Ken D (au) wrote: Local Louisville filmmaker, Jamie Buckner who is the writer & director in his directing debut, has given the world the first romantic bowling comedy. I can offer a single word summary as FANTASTIC! With perfect casting, the film keeps your attention with audience laughter trying to guess what will happen next to "Cassie". WARNING - don't see this film if you are allergic to laughter!

Michael W (ag) wrote: Neo noir and courtroom drama has man on trial for murder of his wealthy spouse. Film keeps one guessing right through the build up and aftermath of the trial. Familiar cast led by the always reliable Glenn Close.

David B (us) wrote: Atmospheric British thriller set in Victorian times. A lowly maid knows that her master has poisoned his wife and uses this knowledge to further her own fortunes. Secrets, lies and intrigue and there is a twist in the tail. Beautiful art direction and benefiting from spooky direction from a Hollywood pro Arthur Lubin. This gives some great insight into the inequalities above and below stairs during "staid Victorian" period. A treat.

Heather M (jp) wrote: I am going to skip this one.

Luc L (us) wrote: Just plain ridiculous.

Mike D (jp) wrote: So... Outcast was a film that popped up out of nowhere, unlike my cock after I've had more than three drinks. I don't know exactly where I saw it advertised, but it was a horror website anyway, so I felt compelled to give it the 'aul IMDB look over. Almost immediately I saw the words "Irish" and "Traveller". Word recognition truly is a wondrous thing. I figured even if this film wasn't up to my stupidly high standards, (which I only have with films, not women) I'd get a kick from the badly done Irish accents.Within seconds I was torrenting it, drool streaming from my open mouth and rainbows spraying from my eyes with excitement. After seeing "Snatch" when I was younger, any film that contains scenes with English or Irish travellers is going to be memorable.I don't know what the general consensus is on this film, but I enjoyed it. Not as a horror movie, but it was entertaining. The inner city youths in the film and their over the top violence could have brought warmth to the most marble of hearts. "Oi, look what I've brought for you, ya mongo cunt" being the stand-out quote of the film. The accents aren't as bad as something like Darby O Gill, which of course I was thankful for. The usual horror violence is there, and the first scene in the film has boobs. I count this as a positive. The action sequences are few and far between, but work well when they pop their softcore gore heads around.James Cosmo is some sort of traveller wizard in this film. That was probably the best sentence ever. I often wake up from dreams smiling. Dreams where sentences like "James Cosmo is traveller wizard" are read on the news. I like James Cosmo and he plays a semi-interesting character in the seven minutes of screen time he is given.The effects are kinda gammy, but not bad enough to make this a B movie.2.5 out of 5. Watch it, don't have high expectations. Enjoy it for what it is - BOOBIES. Note that I probably gave this a lot more because the characters are supposed to be Irish.

Olivier B (br) wrote: It's basically the same thing as the first remake, and that's a bummer.