A Man Called Dagger

A Man Called Dagger

An agent finds himself pitted against a former Nazi who has a plan to become ruler of the world through mind control.

A wheelchair-bound mad scientist plots to revive the Third Reich. Secret agent Dick Dagger is assigned to stop him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amy Z (ru) wrote: A wonderful emotional love story. I loved this movie a lot more than I anticipated. It loses half a star for the sudden abrupt awkward ending that leaves you wondering. Still worth a watch and it's a movie I'd watch again!

Tasha D (es) wrote: gotivno, dobra gluma... divan porodicni fimic.

Darrin C (br) wrote: Kind of reminded me of Zombieland (hence the title Stake Land probably). But our protagonists are against a world of vampiric zombie demons that they refer to as vampires and a religious cult. It starts out solid, then slows the pace to a halt, and picks back up some after we're already a bit bored.

Annick D (jp) wrote: Beautiful but tragic story....Yolande Moreau is a talented actress.....now of quest to watch more movies with her in it. Besides "Ameli (C)", of course.

Mark F (ag) wrote: I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this. At first I thought it would be a lame movie with shitty acting but it turned out to have an almost solid storyline and kept it together. I wonder if anyone else noticed everyone had the same clumsy gardener.

Heath M (it) wrote: In Short: The ridiculous tale of a newly-graduated Latin major who takes a job at the local prison, where his brother is on Death Row, so he can stay close to and support his useless mother, who is disappointed her sons did not both become killers like her late husband. The film not only makes fun of itself, but it makes fun of the fact that it makes fun of itself.Recommend: No

TheScarlatescu R (kr) wrote: good court room drama with a good performance from Woods

Jos M (gb) wrote: Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios is entertaining, amusing and widely creative, build around Pedro Almodvar's terrific script, and bolstered by its signature direction and top-notch acting, leaded by the graceful Carmen Maura.

Kevin B (jp) wrote: Makes Black Roses (1988) look like a masterpiece. Not even a Nazi midget zombie running around ala Benny Hill Show could save this for me.

Carrie N (de) wrote: Shirley MacLaine did a great job by portraying an uneducated woman. Like most people, I'm a fan of Sinatra and Dean. I enjoyed the plot until the end. I wanted an ending.

Sean W (es) wrote: It makes its heavy-handed point at the start and throughout, but its characters and plot just aren't interesting enough to make it worthwhile.

Barrett L (fr) wrote: An unlikely sequel which takes advantage of the story told between the lines in it's predecessor. 'Revenge' begins to weave a powerful human story while realizing it's place as the second act in a morality play told in reverse.

bill s (us) wrote: Jones and Busey save this from being just another Seagal ego trip

Matt H (us) wrote: I only gave this half a star as you can't give 0. Talk about shit.....

CW M (jp) wrote: ok patt scanlan get off my back, i watched your movie (what has it been? 5 years? my queue moves slowly). i'm no fan of film noir and so the cheesy narration and tinkling piano of the first 10 minutes didn't bode well for me. luckily, that all went away and the movie settled into a very engaging story of crime on the run. surprisingly, the one thing i didn't buy in this movie was salma hayek - she tried to bring the crazy and just kinda failed. salma you know i still love you, its nothing personal. and thanks patt, i dug it :)

Binura K (jp) wrote: I'd give a star just because Molly Ringwald is there.