A Man Called Sledge

A Man Called Sledge

James Garner is Luther Sledge, the leader of a pack of rebels who are planning to steal a stash of gold. But after the thieves actually manage to get away with the bounty, they soon discover that the enemy lies within their midst. As they begin to bicker over who should get the biggest cut, the stage is set for a deadly showdown. Claude Akins and John Marley co-star in this Italian Western directed by Vic Morrow.

An spaghetti western film starring James Garner in an extremely offbeat role as a grimly evil thief. In the Old West, a gunfighting outlaw connives his way into a prison in hopes of getting his hands on a large shipment of gold stored there. What will happen? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler R (kr) wrote: This movie was awful. The acting and script were some of the worst I've ever seen and actually made me laugh at how bad it was. The actual running parts were ok but the stupid plot with moronic characters ruined the movie overall.

Craig N (us) wrote: Not too bad... Worth watching..... but pretty standard possession film...

David B (es) wrote: Very simple film, but very well written story brilliant acting by Scott Adkins other can be plain and cheesy. The fight and the depth of Ninja history is fantastic. the fight scenes are brilliant well crafted some can be simple but the story does keep you going to the end of the film. would say it more for Scott Adkins fans. to me it was fun and very enjoyable 4/5

Felipe I (us) wrote: Vin Diesel t timo, mas Lumet parece no achar o tom do filme. Algo t estranho.

Wednesday M (ca) wrote: Ok hear we go people say in there reviews if you watch this your an idiot but i gather the people who said it watched it there for you are idiots. Now people say this is vile and bad but i think diffirent Renne Taylor played in the nanny what can be described as a sex crazed old woman and in this film she is the same only thing is you see rather than hear talking about it. like ib the nanny she will talk about having sex in this you see it althought most people hate this film i think it is ok but could of been better a lot better. Best and Funny Scean at the end were she is dancing for the priest and pops the bloon Worst Scean at the start were he pull the girls prostic arm off

Vicente V (gb) wrote: Gus van Sant, se debate entre la supuesta belleza del paisaje, el naturalismo silencioso y avasallante, para perderse en el miasma de la improvisacin, y el conceptual experimentalismo de caf.

Joey C (us) wrote: Way to totally spoil the movie in info paragraph. Bunch of incompetent clowns.

Gabriel M (br) wrote: HORRIBLE MOVIE, PLOT Acting, just everything sucked.

Anatoly S (ca) wrote: Upon revisiting this film I realized that it's not all that bad. It's watchable. It's rather self-aware, which makes its silliness easier to digest. Spice up your life!

Private U (es) wrote: incredibly emotional.i loved it.

Juan Diego L (de) wrote: p (C)sima, lis efectos son muy malos, la actuacin igual, los personajes muy malos que toman decisiones tontas y los hacen muy estpidos, el villano se ve ridculo!!! salido de twilight! me da mucha rabia est pelcula.

Jake S (fr) wrote: Had a great story line, not like other time travel movies with excessive math and science. had a fast plot

John B (nl) wrote: ok overall, interesting story about Indian culture and soccer, but, didn't like the love story part of it