A Man for All Seasons

A Man for All Seasons

A Man for All Seasons is the filmed version of the life of Thomas More. An English man comes to Sir Thomas More to ask if he can divorce his wife since King Henry VIII has made it illegal. Sir Thomas More stands up in opposition to the King even though he knows he’s risking his own life. An award winning film from 1966.

In the late 16th century in England, King Henry VIII wants to divorce his current Catholic wife and marry a new one. The film follows Lord Chancellor Thomas More on his attempt to obstruct the King's interest, in hope of avoiding mass chaos and maintaining the balance of the society. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim M (br) wrote: I loved this. William Hartnell is one of my favorite Doctors. A peek into this world was amazing!

Jeffrey N (it) wrote: 2/3 of the documentary on reclusive author J.D. Salinger is engaging and fascinating learning about how J.D. grew to become a writer, join the army and his early failures in love. However, the latter third of the film drifts into tabloidish filmmaking with overdramatic music, silly editing tricks and unnecessary graphics that appear to be something out of TruTV or our modern-day "news" outlets, not an actual documentary.

Keith T (it) wrote: I was already thinking this was a lower budget version of Pirates of the Caribbean set on land when MacKenzie Crook also turned up.

Patukilla A (de) wrote: Lenta pero segura.Decir tantas cosas sin hablar....sencilla y real

(us) wrote: its good that have thier own thing even they're just kids.

you k (ru) wrote: Why would I pay money to see a movie about something I can open my closet to see?

Drew S (kr) wrote: Stupidly funny, but never gonna watch again. Good time for when you're bored and nothing else is on...and you dont mind making fun of it a little

Jocey D (es) wrote: It was quite entertaining and philosophical in an amusing way. Ben Affleck's character delivers one of the most romantic proposals to Jennifer Aniston. Ah. If only I had known? to be young again?

Jonathan G (gb) wrote: The 3rd and final buddy movie between Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder. Not as funny as their previous co-workings, but still an entertaining and fun ride. Lots of language and a scene of brief nudity. Seeing Kevin Spacey so young in his career makes it worth watching by itself. Rating: 7/10