A Man Without a Wife

A Man Without a Wife

Farmer wants a wife.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1983
  • Language:Finnish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:forest,   drinking,   village,  

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A Man Without a Wife torrent reviews

Randy H (kr) wrote: kinda strange,yet had to watch it all the way...a low-budget,indie flick...but i liked it...

Rinnah A (ca) wrote: A bit on the corny side(Ick, spare me the lust-at-first-sight-with-some-cocky-loser-story), but was delightfully scenic and I relished Brittany's main role... I enjoyed her performance, as always. Even with a mediocre script she lit up the screen.

Michael H (jp) wrote: Fun Russian musical about kids who rebel by adopting what they think is a hip American lifestyle of jazz and dancing and loud colorful clothing. One of their persecutors enters the fold, another leaves. Discoveries are made, songs are sung (though not as many as you might expect), lives change.

Steph T (ag) wrote: yeah incest is a great theme in a movie i wonder why so many other directors omit this from their films. was grossed out by this movie, not a good one to watch in bed with your boyfriend you will definitely be put off sex

Niklas S (kr) wrote: Does it make me a total idiot that I've missed this musician? Well, I did and thanks to this documentary my eyes are now open to his art. A great look into the world of Arthur Russell. I now have most of his music.

Valentina T (gb) wrote: Compelling, very good story telling.Emotional from start to finish.

Ken L (es) wrote: This was a mildly diverting film. Staring Charlie O'Conner of Slider fame and Christina Campbell. One reason for such a high rating is her strong feminist example role model of strong take charge woman leading scientist character. She's here nearing her long sought artifact of a golden Greek battle mask when Ray Reiter shows up as a deep sea photographer and to deal with the Kraken as well which has been his lifelong interest scince his parents were snatched from him by it as a child in these same waters. The Kraken is there according to legend to guard a giant great and powerful magic saphire lying in the same trove. His added protection and assistance is doubly fruituitus from the potentially even greater threat of the Greek mob boss under pain of death orders to retrieve the mask that was once for many generations the most treasured of family heirlooms. The whole idea is to get it and the sapphire if there really is such a thing away from the Kraken and past the mob boss alive and in one piece. The mobster is one dimentionally unrelenting and predictible in his pursuit but how it all comes out between him and the Kraken is full of many surprising twists and turns. Much of the fx looks like it could have been done better on a home computer. The stuntwork looked abysmal from time to time. But the cinematography seemed OK. The acting was natural and fluid enough, even the villan's overwrought evilness. Laughed at rather than with it on several occasions, sometimes quite enjoyably. Remember nothing of the music which may or may not be either a good or a bad sign.

Nick W (de) wrote: Sam Raimi hasn't really done anything good with his Ghosthouse Pictures since 30 Days of Night. But The Possession is probably as good as we'll get from it. This film definitely has it's flaws but there are moments of suspense and an interesting story line to keep an audience interested in case the scares don't. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Kyra Sedgwick are the spotlight on the film while all of the other actors provide enough talent to at least give the film some highlight

Bill K (kr) wrote: My wife rented this by accident. It was badly made and we turned it off about 40 minutes into the movie.

William T (ru) wrote: How does a movie with no words or characters have such a huge impact? I still don't really know but Baraka had that impact on me. This movie came out in 1992 and shows life in many shows and forms. It is a strange but intriguing genre of film but it is amazing. Baraka means hope in English but what it actually means is up to the viewer. From the streets of New York, to tribes in Africa, to clouds floating above mountains, Baraka dives deep into the planet we live on and really made me think. The shots in this movie, with the music intertwined, were beautiful. A New York Street is shown with the traffic moving like clockwork while drums are playing almost in synch with the traffic. The entire hour and a half movie is like this. This movie touches upon every religion and group of people we have on Earth. The audience sees the different people in the world but we also see how similar we are. Yes a typical American lifestyle is a lot different than the people in other countries that have tattoos and piercings all over their body, but seeing how we share similar problems is brilliant. Throughout the movie we see the positive and negative aspects of our world, past and present. People are shown happy and sad but no matter what the culture there are shots of people staring right into the camera and into the depths of my soul. They break the cinema wall, in a regular movie actors never stare into the camera, but with Baraka regular people stare right into the camera and the emotional impact is huge. Children stare and you wonder what they are thinking about, are they happy or sad. Most stares are blank and innocent. It shows how innocent people really are and how we take those innocents away. This movie really made me think about the word we live in and how people treat each other. People are so cruel to each other for no reason. People discriminate based on religion, why? This movie shows each religion I can think of and they basically follow the same principal. We as a species are so similar to each other but we treat one another like garbage. There are shots of Auschwitz and the Cambodian massacre. Human skills and bones still sitting there. These people were killed for no reason and as a viewer it's sad. I loved this movie. It made me think and want to change. I don't judge people but it made me want to make a greater effort to treat people better in general. Nature of our world is also beautiful. There are shots of animals, specifically monkeys and it is adorable. There is a sequence very early on of a monkey hanging out in a hot bath and it just sits there. A raindrop slightly falls on his nose and it just stars at it as if it's annoyed. It is subtle things like this that I really loved. Nature is truly beautiful if you look at it the right way. Shots of nature were the ones I liked the best, especially waterfalls. I don't know why but I love waterfalls. I also loved the clouds running over mountains like a strong river current. It looked like somebody was stretching out a cotton ball for miles and miles. Music makes the movie. If you don't believe me, then you're dumb for one. Watch this movie and tell me you didn't like the music in this movie. Philip Glass composed the music and after I saw this movie I immediately got the soundtrack. It's so beautiful and captivating. It captures each individual moment perfectly. Sometimes there are different cultures singing or chanting and sometimes it is natural sound from the world itself. It's repetitive and slow but effective. Overall, Baraka is a masterpiece. I have never seen a film like this but I want to see more. This is a rare and beautiful genre that makes you think about the world we live in. A movie like this can't be too long and it can be a little boring at times but I watched this movie in the "proper" state of mind. I strongly suggest you watch this movie in the "proper" state of mind, you won't regret it. I will see this movie again and the upgraded blu ray made it ten times better. The picture quality was the best I have ever seen and the sound quality was right up there as well. Baraka gets the WillyT Seal of Approval and the mind blow of the week. Words are not enough to describe this movie enough and it's fitting because there is not one word of scripted dialogue in the film at all.

ld p (kr) wrote: La Belle Noiseuse (1991) The Beautiful Troublemaker The film won the Grand Prix at the 1991 Cannes Film Festival. Warning this film is 4 hours and is about art and artists. lots of dialogue and no action. classic french movie. A famous but reclusive painter, Frenhofer (Piccoli) lives quietly with his wife and former model (Birkin) in a large chteau in rural Languedoc-Roussillon. When a young artist visits him with his girlfriend Marianne (Bart), Frenhofer is inspired to commence work once more on a painting he long ago abandoned - La Belle Noiseuse - using Marianne as his model. The film painstakingly explores Frenhofer's creative rebirth, using lengthy real-time takes of the artist's hand (provided by Bernard Dufour) working on the canvas.. five stars magnificent but not recommended for most viewers.

Joey H (es) wrote: I dont care to watch.

Heather M (ag) wrote: This movie is definitely mislabeled as a family movie. The gross humor and language don't fit in with my idea of a kid friendly. That being said, I don't think adults should watch this pile of mess either.

James H (kr) wrote: In the RT database twice. The plot is rather familiar and ordinary, but with this cast it becomes quite good. Jean Harlow is terrific, she gets good support from Reginald Owen, Una O'Connor and Cora Witherspoon. Glossy MGM production is also a plus. Light and entertaining.

Alleah A (gb) wrote: Cried at this movie. It was kinda weird but it was touching. :)

Maurcio V (jp) wrote: Apesar de uma ou duas cenas dispensveis,' Amizade Colorida' tem bastante ritmo, (C) exato nas dosagens de momentos cmicos e sentimentais e conta com o inquestionvel carisma da dupla de protagonistas. At (C) agora, a melhor rom-com do ano.

Jaime W (au) wrote: Experiencing this, and Back to the Future the next year, in the theater, changed my life. For the better. Helped show what was possible in the realm of movies.

Jonathan N (kr) wrote: A bit preachy: there's even a choice of revolutionary sermons, depending on whether you believe in God or not. But the central characters are believable and engaging and, if I were Coleen's dad, I too would have done whatever it took to make her happy. Have seen this twice, once before living in Manchester and once after. After is definitely better. If your ear's not tuned to Mancunian dialect, you may want to turn on the subtitles.

Lee M (br) wrote: This film's layered storytelling lacks the fluidity, grace, or good humor, to pull off its conceit.

Will M (nl) wrote: An interesting idea for a documentary, and it has some great sequences, but other parts of the movie feel dull and uninteresting in comparison to some others.