A Matter of Honor

A Matter of Honor


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Carley E (nl) wrote: A wonderful documentary focusing on three (of 50) candidates competing for Master Sommelier - emotionally engaging with an edge-of-your-seat thrill worthy of any blockbuster movie. I thoroughly enjoyed this film.

Helena w (jp) wrote: dont watch this alone!

Helen H (de) wrote: With a title like that, it just makes you want to see it. Ummmm nah!!!

Dave J (kr) wrote: Wednesday, March 14, 2012 (1994) Love On Delivery (In Chinese with English subtitles) COMEDY Funniest Stephen Chow movie so far which this plot device to impress a young girl in this case Christy Chung is nothing but an excuse to showcase some slapstick routines, although some people may be grossed by it that's why it's shown in films. Chow's frequent sidekick Man Tat Ng also stars in this as a fake martial arts instructor to whom Chow goes to learn martial arts. The gags is inspired between the wacky Naked Gun/ Top Secret and the Airplane movies and Jim Carrey films! 4 out of 4

Brian M (nl) wrote: The simple little film that was responsible for the Ernest film franchise.. Very entertaining family film.. Laughs for all ages

Ted S (kr) wrote: Have some irony with your tragedy? More of a brooding psychological study than a blood & guts samurai slasher -- which is why I loved it. Mifune plumbs the depths of the ultimate bad-luck ronin.

Antonia H (kr) wrote: Decent plot. Chris Evans & William H Macy great. Jason Statham playing his default character. Kim Basinger irritating as the damsel in distress.

Robert H (kr) wrote: I remember seeing the trailer for this movie and thinking that it would be pretty good. Now having seen it I'm left thinking how much better it could have been. In trailer form this seemed like a role tailor-made for Katie Holmes (who also executive produces), but as time went on the magic seemed to wear off and she seemed too mature to be playing a person who possibly just passing as someone much younger than she appears. For this kind of story to work, you have to believe in the main character and the situations she is put in and for me the believability wore off rather quickly. I never believed that Katie Holmes was as nice as her character was supposed to be and it always seemed like she was putting on a show rather than being a genuine person. It also didn't help that her acting (and the rest of the cast) wasn't great either. It had a great opening scene (which was in the trailer) but it was all downhill from there. The characters and story didn't go to any unexpected or interesting places either. Everything in the story was fairly predictable, and it also never manages to have a consistent tone or attitude toward its characters. Still, for what little vigilante justice was doled out by the titular Miss Meadows, it wasn't too bad in that regard. This was a movie that would have worked better in short form than the 88 minutes which already felt like it was stretching the concept thin. If you're a diehard Katie Holmes fan (what few of you there may be), then this might be worth a rental. For everyone else, if you've seen the trailer, you've already seen the best parts. Just skip it.