A Matter of Justice

A Matter of Justice

Some 9 years ago, Walter Karl is convicted for the brutal murder of 11-year-old Annie Gordon and sentenced to 17 years in prison. Now, out early for good behaviour, his release sends shock ...

Some 9 years ago, Walter Karl is convicted for the brutal murder of 11-year-old Annie Gordon and sentenced to 17 years in prison. Now, out early for good behaviour, his release sends shock ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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J W (ag) wrote: Why is it not possible to download and watch the movie I have paid for on my Android Tablet? Useless crap.

Leonard D (ru) wrote: An over the top kind of superhero movie, with the green goblin being too silly for his own good. Despite that, it's still an enjoyable experience from the last decade! Only wish that Toby Mcguire didn't speak with a soft voice half the time, because he sounded like a pedophile! That was irritating, but thank God that he didn't constantly do it!

Ed C (us) wrote: I noticed 'Funimation' in the early credits, and sure enough, some of the voices used for dubbing are veterans from anime titles, North American dubbed versions.One line summary: Fairly good as action-comedy; Funimation did not do well on the dub.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The film opens in a Japanese prison camp in Maylaysia, 1945. The Japanese experiment with chemistry to artificially produce a super soldier class so as to turn the tide in World War II. This fails and the bad stuff seems to be lost. In the present, Sunny is a buffoon in a traveling circus troupe, the Thundering Daggers. He fails at knife throwing, and does better as a clown. One night he goes with fellow troupe members to check whether a small group has found some gold. Sunny's fellow circus members knock out the gold hunters. Sunny falls down in the middle of the fight. When he gets his bearings, they recruit him for doing all the dangerous steps first. The find a bit of gold, but also release the chemicals that the Japanese experimented with. The thieves hop a boat for Hong Kong. Sunny falls into a fishing boat; he gets very hungry, eats some of the catch, and grows quite fat. The crew discover him and throw him overboard while out at sea near Hong Kong. In return for changing her tire, Sunny gets a ride home with Angel, who is a star reporter on CSS News on television. The mutated thieves stage a violent, showy, and very public attack. Two expert researchers (Suen Ho and Tai) are brought in by the police. Angel loses her job because her producer found a younger woman to sleep with. Sunny regains his usual shape the next morning. His Uncle Tak thinks Sunny is trouble. The Malaysian police blame the thieves in the troupe; Tak gets most of his possessions appropriated in recompense. Sunny goes to straighten all this out with the police. By chance he meets Angel outside the police station where a robber is holding a policewoman hostage. Sunny throws a stick through glass, then through the robber's hand. Sunny is lionized, and Angel helps him get away from the crowds. The mutated thieves see Sunny on TV, and are really angry, since Sunny recovered his normal shape, whereas they stay messed up. In fact, they are moving to a second stage. The attack soon enough, and Sunny is both quite skilled at fighting them, but sometimes also quite bad since he is unfamiliar with his mutant powers. The two researchers intervene. They also have usual abilities, but perhaps not enough to match the thieves. Sunny and the researchers eventually prevail. Sunny becomes the hero, and then a media star with Angel's help. The 'researchers' are just using Sunny as bait. More confrontations are to come, especially since the lead mutant wants to drink Sunny's blood to return to normal. In a major confrontation, Tai is killed. Sunny convinces Suen Ho to train him. Meanwhile, the mutants continue to evolve and unleash a reign of terror across the defenseless city. Angel has no idea whether Sunny is alive or dead. Who will win the final confrontation? Will Sunny find himself before the city is burned down? Will Sunny and Angel become more than business partners?-------Scores-------Cinematography: 8/10 Almost always good-looking and well-shot.Sound: 5/10 The incidental music was reasonable for increasing tension. Unfortunately, in the dubbed version I watched, the translation was terrible. The subtitles did not match the spoken dubs most of the time. The sound of the voice was disinformation.Acting: 6/10 I liked the performances of the two principals, Aaron Kwok and Qi Shu in this film. However, compared to his performance in the glorious Floating City, Kwok was using less than 10% of his craft. It was like watching a master chef conducting a wienie roast. I did not believe the acting of much of the supporting cast. Hearing the dubs by anime voice actors made this much worse.Screenplay: 5/10 As an action comedy, this should have been quite good. However, the war between the subtitles and the dubbed text was a major detriment. The director's intentions were much harder to see when the voice said one thing while the subtitle said something contrary or even contradictory. When my sons were younger, I watched many hours of anime with them; this was usually the North American version of the anime. I recognize some of the anime voice actors used in this live action film. This added another layer of dissonance.SFX: 6/10 Mixed bag here. Some FX are well done and fit well with the fight choreography. Others look just plain stupid. There is also the recurrent matter of explosions that seem to have no cause at all. I found those the most annoying.

Barbara C (ru) wrote: Love the name of this movie

gary t (jp) wrote: wow ummmn just seen this movie 4 the 1st time n think that this is a good movie 2 watch......its got a good cast of actors/actressess throughout this movie......i think that saoirse ronan, harry treadaway, bill murray mckenzie crook (from the brilliant tv series the office .u.k.), liz smith (from the brilliant tv series the royle family), tim robbins, martin landau (from the brilliant tv series the x-files), catherine quinn, bj hogg, play good roles/parts throughout this movie......i think that the director of this action/adventure/kids/family/sci-fi/fantasy movie had done a good job of directing this movie because you never know what 2 expect throughout this movie.......its got a good soundtrack throughout this movie........its nothing special but its an enjoyable movie 2 watch.....i think that the special effects throughout this movie were pretty good throughout this movie......i think that mckenzie crook was brilliant throughout this movie as he was so funny throughout this movie.....i think that this is an enjoyable kids/family movie 2 watch it is nothing special but its a watchable movie 2 watch........i think that this is a good movie for 2008 to watch its got a good cast thorughout this movie......i think that liz smith was brilliant throughout this movie with all her balls of string which made me laugh thorughout this movie.......i think that tim robbins was good throughout this movie.....i think that martin landau was brilliant throughout this movie as he kept on falling asleep which i thought was really funny......its got good special effects throughout this movie.....i think that bill murray was good as bad/corrupt mayor in this movie......i think that the 2 lead roles saoirse ronan/harry treadaway were good throughout this movie as the 2 lead roles of this movie.......i think that the special effects thorughout this movie were pretty good......i think that this is an enjoyable movie 2 watch its got a good cast throughout this movie......i think that catherine quinn was good throughout this movie.....i think that this is a good fantasy/sci-fi/adventure movie 2 watch.....its got a good cast thorughout this movie....i think that the special effects throughout this movie were pretty good its got a good cast throughout this movie......i think that billy murray was good as the corrupt mayor in this movie as he is a good actor.......i think that this is an enjoyable movie 2 watch for 2008 its an enjoyable adventure film to watch with a good cast throughout this movie its got a good soundtrack throughout this movie......i think that this is an enjoyable movie for 2008

Lee B (nl) wrote: Damn, I watch a lot of really depressing documentaries. However, this is a very interesting production and, of course, one of the worst overall atrocities committed on people in history. The fact that it is still denied by so many people is akin to holocaust denial. Maybe because it was focused on one geographic area, but that area was worse than hell to be in. And I love Japan, but you can't help but feel some context when you see a movie like Tokyo Gore Police before watching this.This is a very well projected telling of the tragedy through survivors, actual footage and actors reading journals and other first person accounts. It reminded me so much of Hearts and Minds or Night and Fog which reveal worst of human nature while at war. However, this one give so many first person accounts that there is a real connection to it more than just the shock. Ken Burns World War II documentary is like this in its ability to absorb and make you relate.This is a production that provides an intimate portrayal that must be told to all. Some scenes are not for the squeamish, but the overall should be known.

Hinata T (jp) wrote: If a korean movie is bad, you still enjoy it because they are sooooo cute. That's the case and with this movie :)

Kay O (es) wrote: watch your siblings........Rachel Griffiths can more than just hold her own with the more accomplished Watson...

Brian S (ru) wrote: A true disturbing horror movie, but it's different from the action horror stuff that Carpenter normally does, this one is much slower, but intriguing and smart and interesting. Mid-way into the film, it does get quite boring but it later catch's up to disturbing and fucked up horror. I also found some satire on society in this one. Recommended !!

Kenneth B (us) wrote: Death Bed was made in 1977 but it didn't receive a release until 2004. Creator George Barry tried to get it released at the time but he was, perhaps unsurprisingly, knocked back by various distributors. The reports are that he thought the film was lost until he found a pirated copy of the film many years later and this time managed to get a release. The premise sounds too ludicrous to exist let alone to form a coherent film. In truth the film isn't that coherent, instead it plays almost like a psychedelic stream of conciousness. In the opening scene a young couple are seen sneaking into a house. They then find the bed and promptly end their search there, I needn't elaborate on the reason why. They arrive with a bottle of wine and a bucket of southern fried chicken, also there is an apple on the bed. The bed consumes the apple, as if to demonstrate to us just how awesome its powers are. It then drinks the wine and eats the chicken, I'm not making this up! Then of course it devours the couple, not before they have discovered the remnants of their already consumed picnic though.The narrative, such as it is, is described by a voice-over which speaks of the bed in terms of a living being, perhaps a demon. It transpires quite quickly that the voice is man who has somehow escaped the bed and has been holed up within the wall of the bedroom, behind a painting. A full explanation comes from the man himself about halfway through the film, I wont ruin the plot for all of you out there who are about to rush out to rent this film. He can see out of the painting but no one can see in so he can see the victims. The man verbally taunts the bed at several points, the indication is that he has been within the walls, behind the painting for some time, which explains his rather chippy nature. The explanation behind the bed transpires that the it is inhabited by a demon, a rather unlucky demon which used to be a tree, then turned itself into the breeze and fell in love with a girl. This film still sounds bonkers doesn't it? I wont go into the demons origin any further than that because once again our narrator does so around 40 minutes into the film. This is one of those films that seems as though it's going to be so dreadful from the offset that the audience cant help but enjoy it. In fact I don't think it's actually that bad, I've seen worse films. I recently watched Blood Feast, which was truly terrible and if not for it's pioneering (I use the word loosely) depiction of gore I would have been much less forgiving. It's difficult to pin Death Bed down or make even to comparisons. Perhaps if Dr. Strangely Strange made a horror film it would end up a bit like this. Undeniably odd, surreal and uneven yet compelling and difficult to dislike. Death Bed: The Bed That Eats may well be the weirdest and wackiest film I've ever seen but it certainly entertains and is a film that I'm glad I have seen. NB: I have decided to score this 4 out of 5 but really this transcends any formal rating systems. Perhaps I could give it 4 posters (eek, review shall end there).

Clive B (mx) wrote: Another great Carry On

Adrian B (ru) wrote: A schoolteacher named Cat Ballou (Jane Fonda) recalls, in a jail cell, how she returned to her father's farm on after an exciting train ride. Two men, a priest (Dwayne Hickman) and a castle rustler (Michael Callan), escape a train and only to meet Ballou at her farm later on. Ballou's father Frankie (John Marley), along with his Indian helper (Tom Nardini), believes that his farm will be acquired by the town and so they go on the defensive. Tragically, he is gunned down by Tim Strawn (Lee Marvin) and the rest of the gang hires his brother, Kid Sheleen (also Lee Marvin) to hunt him down as well as rob a train. Pretty silly and corny, but also entertaining for its camp value. Marvin is good is his Oscar winning performance and Fonda is really attractive. The scenery in the film is splendid as well. Fun to see Nat King Cole in one of his few screen appearances during his spectacular music career. It is shame that he was dead of lung cancer shortly after production of "Cat Ballou."

Dario A (mx) wrote: Shocking movie with great photography to the best style of American Beauty. A bit oversexed though, but that was just necessary for the story. Really good acting, and the always-funny quebecois accent. Really a great quality film.

Karsh D (ag) wrote: Typical Lampoon comedy with the Griswalds. There are some genuinely funny moments with the odd dud here and there...especially the ending, but enough of Chevy Chase wisecracks to always make this worth a watch