A Midsummer Night's Dream

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Peter Hall's Royal Shakespeare Company production is one of the best versions of this oft-attempted but seldom achieved vision.

Film version of Shakespeare's comedy performed by members of the Royal Shakespeare Company. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


A Midsummer Night's Dream torrent reviews

Phil A (es) wrote: strange, almost pointless.

Nicole G (fr) wrote: I only watched the first hour of this, it was stupid and choppy.....

Jenn T (de) wrote: Horrible acting! Bad dialogue and editing.

Derek M (jp) wrote: Chick Flick! Was bored at the beginning and enjoyed the end. So all and all not a bad flick but not a must see.

Julia P (ru) wrote: Why did I like this movie enough to buy it? Probably wasn't familiar with better con movies at the time. Also Rachel Weisz (always a favorite). Not the worst, just tries way way way too hard.

Neil B (nl) wrote: a really good film heart warming film about a fathers love for his children and his battle to win them back from the irish courts.

Sgt C (gb) wrote: (43%)If your're about fourteen and you've never even heard of "Death wish", or for that matter even Charles Bronson. The exterminator doesn't exist as far as you're concerned, and Ms 45 means zip, then this will be a fresh experience for you. Everyone else though will be ticking off all the boxes as this glides goes along. Plot wise it's about a archetypal middle class family man who seeks revenge on a ruthless gang of archetypal street thugs after a deadly attack on the man's archetypal teenage son. And that's about it. There's a fair degree of violence, but almost all revenge movies are, by their very nature, violent so there's not really a great deal here to be drawn in by. It does have Kevin Bacon and he's as watchable as ever, also John Goodman shows up in a small role which really could have been played by anyone, but it's still a plus point having him on board. As a time passing B-movie this is entertaining enough for a look, but deep or important this ain't.

Nadya N (it) wrote: Weaver gives a strong performance , but everything else is a big one mess . It's also boring .

Paul D (ca) wrote: If this wasn't a spoof it would be dreadful, as an idea it is not a bad update, although Hammer Horror did something similar to this 25 years earlier. It's pretty much the poor production values and over the top acting which make this one look bad.

Jiri S (ru) wrote: "To have you own style" is alfa / omega.

Jo Y (it) wrote: I guess he is tough..

Scot C (br) wrote: This film slipped under the radar, but I'm glad I discovered it. It's a classic American thriller set in the mid west.