A Morgadinha dos Canaviais

A Morgadinha dos Canaviais

To get away from the boredom of the city, Henrique de Souzelas visits his aunt Doroteia, in a picturesque village in the North, where he becomes attracted to his young, beautiful cousin Madalena.

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Sean D (jp) wrote: Boring. Too much CGI and completely unrelated to the other original film, Yeti. The whole film seemed pointless and had no real plot and had no real reason for existing. The characters had no purpose, nobody knows why they were there. A couple SyFy films followed the pacing of this film, in which the entire film was a chase from the beginning to end.

Quinten O (kr) wrote: This film was outstanding! I am so proud to know that it was filmed in my home state (Rhode Island), and that Peter not only starred in the film, but also wrote it! Huge props to him! Jaimie Alexander gives an excellent performance and holds her own up against some of Hollywood's finest. Michael Madsen is perfect for his role, and Vincent Gallo's character was incredibly unique. Joey Pants rocked, and Peter Facinelli shined. A must see!

Chinmai R (de) wrote: Entertaining, but also REALLY stupid

Ayya W (au) wrote: Not a great movie by any means, but it has some really nice moments that caught me by surprise...

George P (mx) wrote: This film was superb. Some tourists go to a porno cinema and have a supremelydbad time. The actions sequences are mixed with plenty of blood and you can almost feel the pain of the characters in the film. The guy in the mask deserves an oscar for his portrayal of a murderous psycho who enjoyed his job.

Victor M (au) wrote: This mob comedy film gets its goal, to entertain you with a story where all the characters in the end get related. Smart jokes and fun.

David S (jp) wrote: Bad Boy Bubby is a shocking tale of an isolated man, driven to insanity and unconventional innocence. Through his innocence, he commits violent acts unaware of their implications, and he walks through life with the eyes of a deranged infant. Nicholas Hope is a stunning actor in this, truly depicting a strange character in many areas, a result of his social environment. Honing on many lesser-spoken subjects, director Rolf de Heer truly shows a twisted version of reality through a special set of eyes.

D M (au) wrote: This shows how the Three Stooges were comedic geniuses - you cannot just get three people acting like total jackasses together and expect it be funny. Timing is everything (no matter how lowbrow the humor), and if you dont have it naturally, then at least a director could help. No help here, apparently. This also reinforces by belief that The Stupids is a work of genius, because its apparently not that easy to be ridiculously zany, but still be genuinely funny.

George P (au) wrote: Rock is a pervert in this. He does it with a freshly grown (up) fetus............. Ew.HALF a star for effort. XD

Oscar H (ca) wrote: Filmens egentliga namn r Mad Monster Party?, och en film med ett frgetecken i titeln kan ju inte vara dlig. Det vimlar av gamla klassiska filmmonster och roliga infall, och animationen r underbar. Boris Karloff spelar Baron Boris von Frankenstein, som infr sin pension samlar alla monster han basar ver fr att utse sin eftertrdare. Med bland bestarna finns ven hans klantskalle till brorson. Det hr r en riktig prla, och det r enkelt att se var Tim Burton hmtat sin inspiration till The Nightmare Before Christmas och The Corpse Bride. Slutscenen r, faktiskt, riktigt ovntad!

Urban F (au) wrote: Fun old movie to watch at the start of football season.

Joe t (mx) wrote: The film that got John Dillinger killed.

Thomas Y (mx) wrote: Amazing! Whitty, Nerdy Comedy that will not dissapoint fans of Ashens!

Robert H (mx) wrote: Even though I don't watch too many musicals, I've ended up liking the handful I've seen. That trend continues with CHICAGO, which is possibly the best modern musical I've seen (to differentiate it from classic Hollywood musicals of the 1950's-1960's). Since it's been out for over 10 years, most people probably know the basic plot. Set in 1920's Chicago, it's about a woman who murders her lover, gets sent to prison and uses the publicity to become a tabloid sensation and star. Everything about the film is just spectacular, from the sets and costumes, the musical numbers, to the singing and performances. Who knew that Renee Zellweger, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Richard Gere could sing and dance so well? The film also has some great (if a little on-the-nose) commentary about corruption in the justice system and opportunists who are just out for their 15 minutes of fame. Richard Gere was perfect as the slimy lawyer who always gets his clients off...as long as he gets paid. Catherine Zeta-Jones was also good as a jazz sensation whose better days are behind her, and Renee Zellweger provided nice counterpoint as an ingenue looking to break into the biz. Even the way the film is constructed was pretty innovative. All of the musical numbers take place in the minds of the characters (except for the opening and closing numbers) so that the basic plot can maintain a sense of realism. There was also a kinetic energy in the way the musical numbers were filmed and edited that made them really pop off the screen. Overall, with some classic Kander/Ebb tunes, great performances and pointed commentary on fame and the justice system, CHICAGO is a film I can see myself returning to again and again.

Robert H (mx) wrote: A wonderful telling of space exploration, fantasy, scifi, Harryhausen, and H.G. Wells. And let me tell you... fantasy and fiction are truly the tales here as common sense, science, and reason must be thrown out the window in order to fully enjoy this tale. Would a space suit function without gloves ie. with just your hands exposed to the elements and no seal around the wrists? Does it matter? The answer... no! but that's not the point in this wonderful tale of whimsy and wonder. While not directed by Ray Harryhausen, he had plenty of influence on the production and his work is seen throughout the film as a result. H.G. Wells crafts a wonderful story and Harryhausen somehow has the knack to bring vision to these great words to create a true piece of beautiful art.

Matthew O (mx) wrote: From the moment I first saw this movie in grade school I wanted to be Sarah Jessica Parker and that still hasn't changed. The dancing is fabulous (even with the 80s cheese).

David W (ag) wrote: So great, the battes were amazing and I wish it was even longer than 2 and a half hours!!!