A Morte transparente

A Morte transparente

Beto, a young gigolo playboy, convinces his friends to break into a house to rape Marlene, a wealthy woman. They can not complete the mission, but the woman fall in love with Beto, who returns to become her lover. The case of the two, eventually involving the husband of Marlene, causes problems that the two can't solve.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1978
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
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A Morte transparente torrent reviews

Matty S (us) wrote: Audacious, low budget and stunningly rendered. Evan Glodell creates a story so intimate it pushes beyond uncomfortable. As one watches this "boy men" deal with the emotions of growing out of their friendship and as one friend dips deeply into a romantic relationship their adolescent games take a turn toward a dark reality.This is an absorbing and experimental look into the psyche of an immature man's first heartbreak. And, that psyche and subsequent examination is totally apocalyptic in tone and atmosphere. Dark and penetrative - this film packs a might punch. Unforgettable.

Peter G (ag) wrote: Enigmatic, unexpected, compelling - another voice and another way of looking at things generally unavailable in anglophone cinema. Deals with sex without titillating - an unfussy look at what must be the routine rebuffs that meet the unsolicited male gaze. It repudiates sexual violence in an equally unexpected way - by putting it offstage. Full of the loose ends and half explained details that are forbidden in mainstream commercial cinema. Part of its strength lies in the fact that there's no music in the soundtrack: everything is in the acting and the setting.

Siddhi S (it) wrote: A very interesting concept done wrong. The problem is it's all over the place. No coherency in terms of that the director wanted to convey.

DC F (de) wrote: Falls in the So-Bad-Its-Good genre with horrible acting from otherwise okay actors and cheesy 1980s effects. A movie to watch while laughing drunk if you can ever find it!