A Musa Impassível

A Musa Impassível


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:A Musa Impassível 2011 full movies, A Musa Impassível torrents movie

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A Musa Impassível torrent reviews

CHIYANG T (fr) wrote: (2013/05/25/web)not bad except two chief actors....

Fabio V (nl) wrote: Very simple shot film but very affective and great real life story.

Jordan J (it) wrote: To be honest I never actually remembered seeing this movie until I saw it come out one DVD. Then I remembered how great of a movie it was. This is a great Christmas movie for the entire family. You might not remember it but when someone brings it up, you may remember it was a great movie. A


Mohammed B (fr) wrote: great work from Rachel Weisz!

Mikey S (gb) wrote: This movie is so interesting. And every thinking person should see this movie and once you see it you will understand how powerful this movie is

Brian C (ag) wrote: very slow moving french movie that i'd imagine would be more enjoyable for someone who is familar with the movie that this flick is apparently a homage to. a few interesting sequences but just not enough happening or enough drama/interest...

Imani G (au) wrote: awesome childhood movie!!!Hilarious and love it!!

SomeGirlCalledMarsha (br) wrote: Outstanding!! can't believe it's true story though, it's so sad!!

Agata S (gb) wrote: Fantastic Jeanne Moreau!!!

mike s (br) wrote: a very important movie for young adults.

Jos Manuel C (br) wrote: Great story with greatest pieces of action.

Matt N (mx) wrote: This movie is mesmerizing. Every scene, every line has impact...no fluffy filler here. Captivating, if not hard science fiction.

Matt G (ca) wrote: Other than maybe Cage, no one overacts with more shear entertainment value than Paxton. And while this has some fun misunderstandings / miscommunications, it's largely just a nobly stylized but super ridiculous chamber crime-drama with almost no memorable purpose.