A Natale mi sposo

A Natale mi sposo

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Alfin N (kr) wrote: Mena Suvari, Kathy Bates, Rob Schneider, Tia Carrere, Vinnie Jones, Stephen Tobolowsy, what the hell are you doing in this?

Ibraheem M (au) wrote: Though it has its few silly moments but it maintains an acceptable level of entertainment an action film can deliver.

WS W (gb) wrote: France. From Mai (May) 1968 to May 2007. From Charles de Gaulle to Nicolas Sarkozy. [Nes En 68] would be a significant epic to French. Being a movie, it is however somehow discordant, slack & really lengthy (173 minutes whereas 201 minutes for an extended version). The 1968 part is too random, too events-recording whilst the 1989 part is on the contrary too dramatic. Perhaps I was watching the edit version, there are places lack of elaboration- the skip of Catherine's kids childhood depiction, for example, makes me wonder why Ludmilla hates her mother so much; why Boris so differs from his sister (Ludmilla) as they were growing up in the same environment, etc. Anyway, it is still a watchable piece, although I think Italian's [La Meglio Gioventu] ([The Best Of Youth]), which with similar scope but almost a double of the length of this one, is way much outstanding.

007 W (de) wrote: Skyfall is great, it's well got good writing, good acting, good bond, it's a great movie

Neil K (it) wrote: Awful acting, pathetic special effects, sad script. America saves the world again!!! Amazing Space Shuttle....unlimited fuel, massive cockpit and GRAVITY!!!!

Leena L (es) wrote: Even the second time around this is entertaining. Pleasant feeling remains even after the film ends. Curious characters, including Vera Farmiga as a hilariously fabulous hooker!

Timothy J (us) wrote: The movie put the sleep into sleeper.

Edgar C (it) wrote: Carne Trmula is a fair, somewhat thrilling adaptation of Ruth Rendell's novel, and even so, despite its good structure, performances and suspense, turned out to be an extremely personalized Almodovarian perspective. Good to watch, a mature film for Almodovar's career, but definitely not his best. 65/100

MF J (de) wrote: The film of a generation, this incredibly violent but superb piece of cinema has managed to stand out for over 30 years and remain one of the most popular film around, still enjoyed by countless fans around the world.

Johann M (jp) wrote: One of the best dystopian science fiction classics of all times, thrilling and entertaining, Harrison Ford was essentially the same guy in all his earlier movies, but I liked Deckard. Now looking forward to its sequel in October. Blade Runner 2049

John F (ru) wrote: Just like Dirty Harry and Crazy Larry a great auto action yarn

Joe M (kr) wrote: Very good in that arty French way.

Ashiya L (us) wrote: what I'd call "chick flick" and then complain it's boring... I do love Jennifer Ehle and Lena Headey because they are always amazing but that's not enough