A Night of Adventure

A Night of Adventure

A lawyer tries to clear his wife's lover of murder charges.

A wealthy lawyer begins to suspect that his inattention to his wife has resulted in her taking on a lover. It turns out that he's right, but her lover also has a lover--and when HIS ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Janine P (br) wrote: absolutley boring throughout.... when it finally does get to the bulid up you may have wished you had watched paint dry... more entertaing

Paulus J (kr) wrote: Winnie Mandela without a doubt one of most evil woman to have walked the face of the earth. She is not 'an Icon'. The historically accurate version, should of been called Monster. Because the truth about Winnie Mandela is a far worse truth, in comparison to a movie about Aileen Wuornos. To call Winnie Mandela an icon is to show ignorance. South Africa has the worst education system in Africa. To teach young people that she was a hero, is the worst insult. No body would dream of calling Hitler a hero in Germany. I would not be surprised if the ANC government is behind the bull crap. For example the fake sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela's memorial.

Xolelwa N (br) wrote: Pretty good, almost made me cry when Obama got elected. Everyone should watch it

Quintin M (mx) wrote: Def made for Outkast fans..

JY S (es) wrote: Based on the real life Korean fighter Choi Bae-dal AKA Masutatsu Oyama, Fighter in the Wind is a more than mediocre historic action biography.The pacing of the film is a bit erratic. At times the film tends to drag and at others it turns playful and flies by. No matter what's going on, this movie does take itself very seriously. The part Korean part Japanese story takes its time with building up the characters and setting up the rivalry for the finale, but at the 1 hour mark, which is the halfway point of the picture, the story dissolves a bit and the film turns into quite the martial arts event.The fights show up in good numbers and the choreography is pretty good. However, they also lack good camera angles and long real time takes, until the ending. Then again, this is more karate and less fancy martial arts.The acting is good, with exception of the English speaking soldiers. Dong-kun Yang, the lead, speaks Japanese just as good as his Korean and his fights are very believable. The two main Japanese actors are Aya Hirayama, who is the Japanese beauty, and Masaya Kato, who is the rival. Both are great. Doo-hong Jung, who is the fight choreographer, finds himself with a character early on as well.Fighter in the Wind is a bit slow and dramatic at times, but it is a Korean film worth seeing.

gabe g (br) wrote: walt disney is my all time hero

Doug B (ru) wrote: Animal house meets America Pie, Thank YOU! a good movie, with decent acting, a laugh in almost every scene!

Amber V (de) wrote: Extremely poor and loose adaptation of Isabel Allende's rich and evoking story. Streep, Irons, and Close are outstanding actors who here were incredibly miscast.

Jack B (jp) wrote: Have watched this movie several times and enjoyed it every time. Not a stellar buddy movie, but it is fun to watch so many good actors having such a good time.

James H (br) wrote: Tense but a bit melodramatic, especially in regards to Olivia De Havilland's performance, but it's still a good film. Professionally done and very suspenseful.

cli o (fr) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

I dont know w (mx) wrote: Looks to flawed to be entertaining.

Sherif E (it) wrote: Good movie. Good soundtrack too

Marilee A (kr) wrote: Very deeply intellectual & important film about a Pawnbroker, played by Rod Stieger,that is broken by his experience in and survival of Auschwitz. One of the most memorable performances I have ever seen

James O (jp) wrote: Starts well and with real attitude, then descends into the normal tough guy nonsense. Staple action man stuff with lots of fight scenes and car chases. Mercifully short.

Alex W (it) wrote: A very slow very British drama. Faded from my memory pretty fast. I imagine an old English couple loving this, perhaps its not made for me.