A Night of Terror

A Night of Terror

A lottery winner breaks up with her fiancé and marries a fortune hunter who proves to be dangerous. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gareth S (nl) wrote: A puppet show has more character! A load of old artsy fartsy gay bollocks!

William S (gb) wrote: I've seen quite a bit of low-budget, bad acting films. This film makes everything Paris Hilton has ever been in look like Academy Award winners.

Li (de) wrote: Left in Darkness was a great concept for a film. The plot had some generally entertaining twists and throws. I enjoyed the concept and the characters... yet the movie felt overdone and somewhat hollow. Every character was underacted and the effects were low-budget. The horror film is turning into something along the lines of this movie and this movie is a mile below the premium horror movie our generation can enjoy.

Richard C (gb) wrote: Selon moi, Denis Villeneuve est le meilleur directeur de films du Qubec. Dans son deuxieme film, il dpeigne l'alination et le matralisme vide de sa gnration, avec en plus des touches de fantastique tels un posson parlant et la musique de Tom Waits. Le seul bmol reste la performace pietre de Jean-Nicolas Verreault, qui a la consquence de rendre l'histoire d'amour moins croyable.

Ryan S (fr) wrote: for an extremely thin story, the acting is what made this enjoyable

Philip B (au) wrote: This movie hit the rock bottom of this set of movies. The plot and effects of this movie are as terrible as the other three and the acting is beyond abysmal. The only positive bit is that it's the final episode of the pain and suffering that the knowledge of the Subspecies movies inflicted.

Josh M (ag) wrote: Underrated and the most graphic of all the Alien movies. Resurrection is action packed with fun characters. It takes the Alien saga to a new heightened level.

Cole B (us) wrote: Men suck. I think that's the message of this film.

Gordon M (ca) wrote: More fine one liners than you get in a whole series boxset of a TV comedy series. The end always brings a tear to the eye.

DENNIS F (gb) wrote: Best gang movie next to the Warriors. "I just fucking hate people, man!!"

Ms Amanda J (au) wrote: My movie guide has the main actor listed as "Steven Bad." Now that's grounds for a good movie! It's a typo for "Steven Baio."

Allan C (fr) wrote: Disney's first "adult" film they they released under their Touchstone banner is a fairly enjoyable send up of spy films. Margot Kidder plays an aspiring mystery writer who gets caught up in real-life international intrigue. Robert Hays plays a bit of a con man who helps her out, though I still always think of him at Ted Striker and really can't take him seriously. David Suchet, famous for playing detective Hercule Poirot, also appears in the film as an Italian police inspector. Nothing brilliant here, but is was mildly diverting.

Julie K (kr) wrote: yeah, somos grandes marionetes do modelo social bem como de sua alienao, que s nos leva a um nico caminho: a desgraa (seja pela morte ou pela loucura).

Jonathan R (ca) wrote: Most of this movie is just incredibly fun - quick dialog and clever witticisms delivered at a rapid-fire pace. Hepburn and Rogers are both very good, and the direction is quite good, too. I enjoyed My Man Godfrey, but I enjoyed this film more.I thought the turn near the end was a bit too out of character from the rest of the film, though it did add some emotional depth to the boarding-house's overall character in the very last scene that was appreciable.

Alailson B (nl) wrote: A mensagem importantssima e a habilidade de ser um filme que d tanto exigindo to pouco responsabilidade da montagem e edio do filme, que influenciaram todo o cinema.

Lee B (ru) wrote: I?m loving the Otto Preminger vaults. I never knew much about his wide array of movies. They are great, and this movie is right there. It is a simply play on a paranoid mystery that wraps up (or you can figure it out) pretty early, but it just plays it simple for suspense and that feeling of dread. ?Disadvantaged? woman. New city. Different elements. Uncontrolled circumstances where no one believes her but her brother, who tries to help but it all seems lost as she gets more and more distant. Aside from how this story progression is handled, I loved the suspense in the end game final act when the pieces were already worked out but the cat and mouse game begins. Pacing and piecemail story-telling can be exciting. It?s something I like about The Sixth Sense guy if he would only write his own story (I had said that Spike Lee needed to direct a story that wasn?t written by him to progress, then he did Malcolm X, which was superb), a great flare for suspenseful set-up, even with a preposterous story. Preminger is definitnly someone I want to watch the whole catalog from. And anyone who likes classic suspense mysteries should check this one out.

Costliestpants M (kr) wrote: This is better than the fifth one that came out 2 weeks ago.