A Nightingale Falling

A Nightingale Falling

Set against a backdrop of a turbulent, war-torn Ireland in the early 1920’s, this is a story of three people and the unfolding events from a crucial time in their extradionary and tragic lives.

During Ireland's War of Independence, the lives of two sisters are changed forever when they care for a wounded soldier. What transpires in this historical period drama, is a tragic love story of an Anglo-Irish household and its inhabitants, caught in the crucible of deep dark secrets. Framed against a backdrop of a turbulent war-torn Ireland in the early1920's, May Collingwood is forced to make critical and difficult decisions when she rescues a British soldier and must now protect herself and sister Tilly. They live in fear of the British Black and Tans, the rising IRA, their own entrapment, and ultimately the dark secrets of un-requited love unfolding from within. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adrian W (ca) wrote: Difficult to rate as not many films make me angry! How is he not behind bars? A well told story of the history, lies and ultimate downfall of the worlds greatest sporting fraud.

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JohnnyLee T (es) wrote: Two things I miss in this fight movie: the actual training for the fights and any sense of real happiness. Maybe that's the characters' make-up but it produces a movie very much on an even keel emotionally. It's probably the director's constrained attempt to give everything an almost documentary feel of realism. This sucks the blood out of the core of the story. Of course, brilliant acting and camerawork.