A Nightmare on Elm Street

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Teenagers in a small town are dropping like flies, apparently in the grip of mass hysteria causing their suicides. A cop's daughter, Nancy Thompson (Heather Langenkamp) traces the cause to child molester Fred Krueger (Robert Englund), who was burned alive by angry parents many years before. Krueger has now come back in the dreams of his killers' children, claiming their lives as his revenge. Nancy and her boyfriend, Glen (Johnny Depp), must devise a plan to lure the monster out of the realm of nightmares and into the real world...

On Elm Street, Nancy Thompson and a group of her friends including Tina Gray, Rod Lane and Glen Lantz are being tormented by a clawed killer in their dreams named Freddy Krueger. Nancy must think quickly, as Freddy tries to pick off his victims one by one. When he has you in your sleep, who is there to save you? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


A Nightmare on Elm Street torrent reviews

Ida K (ag) wrote: I fell asleep before the robbery but I wasn't impressed up until that point

Rafael L (ag) wrote: this movie is the perfect shit. the most shit in the world

Adam E (us) wrote: ok horror fair with a random ending. the problem with the film is that it tries to be loads of different things all at once, none of which really work. Theres shades of stuck and creepshow 2 in there as well as stuff which would have fitted straight in an 80's slasher flick. The pov strolling camera used to heighten the movie and make it seem some how more realistic goes against it in the end as it becomes meandering. Some nice scenes and shots and an interesting premise for a villain turns a bit panto especially the end which trys to go for a kinda texas chainsaw vibe but just comes of really dumb, implassible and a wee bit daft. Ok suspense flick but its hardly worth sitting through especially as the acting is dire and the lead helms no sympathy at all from the audience!

Allen R (ag) wrote: weak on story and too generic and boring at times to be at least be as funny as it would like to be - 4.5/10

erika r (kr) wrote: intense! it made me feel sympathetic, but even more so inadequate (for being a lazy woss and having a functional body that i don't use nearly as well a quadriplegic person).

Johnny B (de) wrote: Takashi Miike delivers an awesome comedy that's better than almost every super hero movie Hollywood had thrown out for a few years surrounding its release.

James H (us) wrote: Dreadful comedy, appallingly bad. I am stunned this movie was ever made and can not understand how some of the actors could have gotted involved in this awful mess.

Norbert H (gb) wrote: It's only Rock'n'Roll, but I like it !

Juan S (kr) wrote: it's still a classic

Carlos M (au) wrote: It is deliciously odd that Fellini would have a documentary crew in this unpretentious story handling an omnipresent camera that seems to be everywhere even in impossible (and invisible) moments, which gives the film a surreal vibe that goes well together with what he wants to tell.

The M (ca) wrote: note 2 self: remember

Michael S (kr) wrote: File this one under the "boring action film" category of Nic Cage's 2000s filmography. (Other categories include "cliched revenge thriller" and "cheesy epic.") There is a nugget of a good idea for an entertaining B-movie. He plays a cheesy Vegas magician who can see 2 minutes into his own future. But this film does very little with that. Most of the film is either Cage trying to evade the Feds (the good guys) who need his help, or Cage wooing Jessica Biel (sooooo creepy!). No crazy Cage acting either, although he does have a weird hairdo. Pointless and not fun. Ugh.

Harim K (au) wrote: unwatchable theatrics, ridiculous battle scenes

Orlok W (ca) wrote: Edgy, brooding, powerful, oddly elegant--Rawness, despair and resurrection in Glasgow!!