A Perfect Son

A Perfect Son

A man's terminal illness reunites him with his estranged brother.

A man's terminal illness reunites him with his estranged brother. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David J (fr) wrote: I didn't read the graphic novel that this is based on before seeing it, and I'm glad I didn't. I think this story is so much better than the source material. It's intelligent and the action compliments the story. I've watched it several times and really feel this one of the better animated movies that DC has done.

Philippe D (nl) wrote: Zalig filmke, hilarisch met momenten, heb ervan genoten of was dat al duidelijk ? ;-)

Brett H (us) wrote: The buddy cop genre has been mined time and time again with differing results, and while I wouldn't say that Hollywood Homicide is a complete success, it is pretty entertaining at times, though far too convoluted. Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett are partners for some reason, there's no "one week from retirement" scenario in Ford's case, but it works due to Harrison's crabby attitude toward everything, even with Hartnett being pretty bland and the two having no chemistry. The story isn't really what's important here, as the running "gag" throughout is that the cops have more going on in their personal lives than the case at-hand and it's amusing at first seeing Ford constantly on his phone working as a realtor on the side and Hartnett running into many women he's hooked up with through his yoga business, but then more and more starts to happen with Internal Affairs, a psychic radio host, etc. and it goes overboard. It's not a terrible movie by any stretch of the imagination, but with ridiculous plot elements like a psychic assisting the police in finding the villains through meditation, it's no wonder this film destroyed the director/writer's career. It is noteworthy to say this film showed us the pissed-off, crabby side of Harrison Ford before it became the norm!

Michelle C (fr) wrote: great movie, though some parts were kinda predictable. casting, acting, cinematography, editing, scoring and storywise were all good.

Tiber C (us) wrote: What if you got a copy of A Bug's Life and you left a copy alone, took another copy, a DreamWorks movie like Shrek or Spirit, and you'd mix it up a notch, you would have the mixed-up film, Antz, the movie that should get mixed reviews. And a streaming pile of funny, exciting, and just a plain fine Phineas-and-Ferb-style with average visuals, witty jokes, gross-out jokes, smart jokes, slapstick jokes, innenuendo jokes, just a lot of really, really, mixed up gags taped together to a mix-up of an ant movie.

Heather A (ca) wrote: This movie taught me about moonshine!

Lasse A (mx) wrote: A decent action crime drama film. Harvey Keitel's performance is good as it is most of the times. Stephen Dorff is also good as the unpredictable character Skip. Somehow he's great at being bad guys - e.g. Deacon Frost in "Blade". The theme of the movie is simple: Revenge. There's not much to think about when watching this but that doesn't matter. It entertains audiences.

Troy K (ag) wrote: As a whole, I did not like it, but some of it is great. Avoid the dubbed version.

Leon B (us) wrote: This movie is seriously contemptible. It focuses heavily on metaphor, and I like metaphors just fine--but I resent being expected to take them literally. The "heat" of her sister's sexual arousal physically burned down the shower? Is this some kind of joke? Tita's eating matches causes her bed to catch fire? Are you %$#@ing kidding me? The movie is full of these overblown metaphors, which would be fine in jest or as passing comments, but shown as physical happenings in a movie, they're just absurd.Add in the two-dimensional characters (which would be most of them) and the unrelenting cruelty of the heartless mother, which everyone reacts to with "Oh, that's so sad, but I guess we just can't do anything about it", and you come away thinking the moral of the story must be that it's ok to be an enabler for someone who treats you and your loved ones like dirt.I felt intellectually insulted and emotionally abused by this movie. If you'd like a great story about food, chocolate, family, and sensuality, skip this movie and watch "Chocolat" instead--now that one gets it right.

King L (ca) wrote: Great movie about the search for the source of the Nile River in Africa.

Liam A (gb) wrote: Movie adaption of an old Hartnell episode. I generally prefer this to the TV episode: it's quirkier and faster-paced, if a little underdeveloped and drawn-out interms of storytelling. I am a sucker for dodgy 60's kitsch, which could explain why I prefer this version.Cushing plays the doctor with the same stuffy eccentricities as Hartnell, although with a slightly warmer appeal: more of an absent-minded professor than a cantankerous time-travelling grump. The red-blue-black Daleks look absolutely mesmerizing; there are no other villains in popular culture who have such amazing aesthetic qualities, in both tv and film. The only major difference between the film and the tv series is that the writers have gone for humour over scary menace- I'm thinking of Ian's scenes in particular, with that screwy-screwball 60's comedy interplay between himself and his girlfriend. Even when the film attempts to do horror it inevitably comes off as hilariously camp. Logically this deserves a lower rating, but i'm just too DAMN affectionate.ALSO- isn't it cute how easy the Daleks give in to telling a good old plot-enhancing back-story. Kill the prisoners? No- tell them the back-story as to how the planet is in the situation it's in: ran by ruthless killers who like to gossip instead of killing prisoners. Cute.

Benot R (fr) wrote: Sur le fond, il n'y a rien dire, D.W. Griffith prouve ici qu'il est un personnage un peu en avance sur son temps et dnonce la socit de son poque, prenant position pour une femme ayant eu un enfant sans avoir t marie. La socit de l'poque voyant cela d'un trs mauvais oeil, la jeune fille va devoir tout quitter et se trouver un nouvel emploi. Mais ce dernier ne tient qu' un fil et elle pourrait tout perdre nouveau si son employeur dcouvre son pass. Le parcours de la femme de l'poque est trs compliqu alors que pour les hommes, il est normal d'avoir plusieurs aventures, pas pour une femme. Sur le forme, malheureusement, a a nettement mal vieilli avec des situations trs cliches, des problmes de rythme trop important que c'en est presque indigne de Griffith. L'oeuvre est parfois impossible regarder cinq minutes conscutives ou on s'endort. Toutefois, certaines squences reviennent hausser le niveau et dmontrent aussi une modernit de la mise en scne de la part du cinaste. Ct casting, rien redire.