A Perfect World

A Perfect World

A kidnapped boy strikes up a friendship with his captor: an escaped convict on the run from the law, headed by an honorable U.S. Marshal.

The film gives the audience new view from opposite sides of the law. It follows Butch Haynes who escapes from prison with a young hostage who sees the best things in Butch Haynes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonas W (es) wrote: This movie did follow the book, but however, there are a lot of things they should have fixed. I didn't feel attached to the characters, and I was practically waiting for it to end. And to top it off, they didn't even have a love connection until they made out. But there was some of the good things, like characters were good choices. Over all, okay movie.

Kara H (es) wrote: Good enough, but you're not missing anything if you don't ever watch it. Fairly predictable. Not as gory as I thought it'd be. Not at all actually. The focus was on the angry spirits.

Matthew R (ru) wrote: Who said genre films need not be popcorn crunching flicks?

Paul Z (ru) wrote: When Robert Rodriguez's El Mariachi came out in 1992, everyone was so dazzled by what Rodriguez could do for $7,500. Blood Guts Bullets & Octane was released in 1999, and everyone found it to be a simple Tarantino rip-off. Well, frankly, Blood Guts Bullets & Octane is at least three times the film El Mariachi is, because not only was Joe Carnahan able to make a feature-length film with choreographed violence and creative freedom like Rodriguez did, but he also wrote a very tight, extremely smart, creative script. Rodriguez wrote a laughable little direct-to-video fluff where the dialogue is stilted in the worst way and the story hardly works. Why when someone detects even the slightest acknowledgment of Tarantino in a film do they decide to fire criticism at it when maybe it could be more than a simple clone?I don't believe Quentin Tarantino had any influence on this film. Yes, you could say he did, because the story flashes back and the dialogue is earthy and clever. But is he the only filmmaker to have ever told a nonlinear story with earthy, clever dialogue? No. Far from it. In fact, I think it's extremely injust and unfair to protect so ardently from imitation a filmmaker like Tarantino, who admittedly steals from every other filmmaker in existence, even ones that came after him. And those who criticize this film for being a Tarantino clone may not be as well-versed in film as Tarantino or Carnahan himself to the point where you would realize that the dialogue is not at all like Tarantino's. QT writes dialogue with the intention of sounding realistic. He acts as recorder while his characters segue into natural conversations irrelevant to the plot. Carnahan's characters speak like satirizations of car dealers and people you would only find in movies. His dialogue is written to be quick, jazzy, clever, and even a little poetic, because sometimes lines will be alliterative, contain similes and metaphors, and other such things. If you would like to zero in on Carnahan's influence---and every writer, filmmaker, or any other artist has their influences---then perhaps David Mamet is a better candidate. Even so, who cares? Carnahan's script is loaded with razor-sharp wit and his own knack for the pace and rhythm of a film.I think for a film made for $8,000 and bags of Doritos the cast is quite convincing. Whether they are professional or trained actors I don't know, but whoever they are, they have natural penchants for acting. Carnahan himself is excellent, and perhaps the best of the performances comes from Dan Leis, who plays opposite him.The cinematography and editing get a bit gimmicky and overexerted, especially in terms of the unpatterned switching off between color and black-and-white and title cards for each scene. It seems corny and gratuitous, and considering it as a movie despite its budget and circumstances, it definitely is, but Carnahan is a smart and practical director, and he made this film to pack a shattering punch of all that he can do and more with just that much money (and Doritos).

Harry W (jp) wrote: Courage Under Fire serves as director Edward Zwick's second of 3 collaborations with Denzel Washington, following Glory and followed by The Siege, and all 3 films touch on the Army in one way or another. Courage Under Fire serves as one that touches upon the war in a more post-traumatic situation and focuses on the aftermath of an explosive war event as opposed to the event itself. That way, it touches on a significantly more humanistic aspect of the story that many war films tend to leave out.Some elements of Courage Under Fire are cliche, such as how it details the protagonist dealing with serious trauma due to an incident he has experienced before the key plot of the film shoots off, and it's often easy to forget the importance of the intro scene or even that it took place at all. But once the story gets going and truly develops, it becomes thoroughly interesting. I know that I personally was eager to get to the bottom of things and discover just what was being hidden beneath all the gunfire and all the people doing the talking but not the fighting. As the drama develops and more themes begin to seep into the story and set themselves in the movement of things, the tale becomes more and more intense, and with the exploration of the events interspersed with footage of the events themselves taking place in flashbacks, Courage Under Fire benefits from a fascinating story structure and a fascinating story, and it's a well scripted one which is intelligently insightful in some of the most simple ways. Even though at some times the story may be a little confusing, Edward Zick constantly keeps it in tact as a director so that it stays sufficiently well on path through its intense territory and its themes of honour, courage and redemption.And Courage Under Fire features cinematography which ensures that it is filmed to precision. It is filmed in a very intense manner during scenes attempting to determine the truth lying beneath everything which gives it a nearly neo-noir film at moments, while alternatively during the war sequences it is shot on the grand scale to reveal the wide scope of the events and the explosive nature of them. It is simultaneously a big and small scaled film thanks to the narrative structure of the story, and it manages to make an impact as both.The musical score in the film is also powerful because of how it has the true military feel to it as well as a lot of real emotion in just how it is composed. It works every inch of the atmosphere appropriately and reassures the mood of every scene when it is necessary. And a large portion of the emotional effect that Courage Under Fire Deals out comes from the successful efforts of the diverse cast in the film.It is not the slightest bit surprising that Denzel Washington gave a powerful performance, because his tenacious energy on film has never been anything but powerful, even if the film is poor quality like his work in the 1992 comedy Heart Condition. In Courage Under Fire he leads the story as a character facing serious personal struggles as he is faced with a complex whodunit situation in a war context. And the atmosphere follows Denzel Washington through his emotional states to ensure audiences are in tune with it, but in reality they never actually have to because the riveting power of Denzel Washington's eyes alone empower him as an actor, but combined with his incredibly humane physicality and facial gestures combined with his tenacious line delivery he proves to never collapse under the intense pressure of the story and simply delivers his character with an incredible dedication and tenacity as an actor. His leading talents are strong and give the story all the support it needs, single handily.Meg Ryan gives one of the most fierce and intense performances of her career in Courage Under Fire, and as her character is the centre of all the mystery, Meg Ryan manages to second that theme by ensuring down to every detail that she is unpredictable in what her next move will be. For a woman predominantly more known for romantic comedies, none of which I have seen, she is flawless in the role of Captain Karen Emma Walden, and she has an impeccable charisma that will surely surprise viewers with just how effective it ends up being. Her performance is great, and she is constantly a source of interest thanks to both that and how the story treats her.Matt Damon has significantly less body fat than usual in Courage Under Fire and he is practically unrecognisable at times. Yet the way it's easy to identify him is through his simple yet effective line delivery and his ability to deal with the real emotional drama of his character without ever slipping into cheap acting or melodramatic territory. I mean, I've seen Matt Damon as both a great dramatic actor and a successful action star, but he finds the middle man in Courage Under Fire by portraying a soldier with serious trauma as result of an experience that the viewers want to find out. He gives an impeccable supporting performance to the story, and within his brief screentime he proves to make it one of his best efforts.Lou Diamond Phillips also pulls off an intense and memorable effort in Courage Under Fire for the burning spirit that lies within him, and Ken Jenkins does a straight job in his small time on screen. The entire cast in Courage Under Fire proves to make a great effort, and all of them put something of their own into making it all it can be.So Courage Under Fire is an intense and intelligent look at the more humane elements of war in both battle and the aftermath, and it is elevated by fine, stylish direction from Edward Zwick and a strong cast led by a magnificent Denzel Washington.

Dave S (ca) wrote: Low-key in a good way, but it's not terribly memorable. It does have one of the best bad poetry jokes I've heard in a while, though.

Dane P (de) wrote: Excellent animation and characters bursting with personality this movie is a great for furfags for any age

Soheil W (us) wrote: Cool idea but a horrible plot

Athonia C (us) wrote: Some parts of this movie are sad but it's still a nice one to watch during the holidays. It's the best movie I've seen this year. A+++++

Alailson B (fr) wrote: O roteiro ruim, as atuaes so fracas e pouca coisa funciona.

Shauna F (us) wrote: A bit long, but a marvelous climactic waterfall scene.

Champ S (nl) wrote: Interesting story and Kristien's performance was amazing.

Don W (ag) wrote: Sweet story; well acted by one of my favorite actresses.