A Plumbing We Will Go

A Plumbing We Will Go

To escape the police, the stooges pose as plumbers and are hired to fix a leak in a fancy mansion. They wind up crossing the electrical system with the plumbing and generally ruin the place. One memorable scene has the lady of the house tuning into a television broadcast from Niagara Falls as a torrent of water pours from the set. To escape the wrath of the homeowners the stooges escape through a magicians trap door.

To escape the police, the stooges pose as plumbers and are hired to fix a leak in a fancy mansion. They wind up crossing the electrical system with the plumbing and generally ruin the place... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jesno L (br) wrote: a m (C)rite juste la moyenne car marrant tout juste !

Taylor H (us) wrote: This movie was great I liked it and it had some good action.

Mikael K (ru) wrote: When a cable network makes a disaster movie on a shoestring budget the thing better have a damn good script. Unfortunately this is rarely the case with Meteor Storm? being no exception. This would be pretty flat stuff even with multimillion production values, but when even all the special effects and group scenes look as cheap as they can get there isn(TM)t even a visual value to a movie that is constructed after a far too simple and familiar format.To be fair I have to say that problem solving is mope prominent here than on the average, heavily action star oriented meteor apocalypse tales out there. Kari Matchett and Battlestar Galactica(TM)s charismatic Michael Trucco do a pretty good job at being intense and good looking and could have probably done even better if intensity and good looks weren(TM)t the only qualities of their scripted characters.

Jonny B (es) wrote: good film, if your idea of a good film is to see Luke Goss smoking. However, the story line had potential to be a great film, but unfortunately it fell a little short of the mark.... not to mention that 50 cent is at the forefront of the poster, and in retrospect has a pretty backseat role....

Dh H (it) wrote: this movie was actually pretty crappy but it has john cho and grace park together. that's basically like the korean american equivalent of the pacino de niro scene in heat or the hackman hoffman scene in runaway jury. i dunno, just weird to see probably the two most famous korean americans/canadians working together. the best part of this movie for me was watching grace park speak korean. seriously is enough to make the film for me. i loved the grace park/john cho/grace park's mother scene. that felt so true to me.the worst part of the film is the supposed hottest woman in the movie is not hot at all. why are people fighting over her? no idea.dunno if you know, but this movie was produced by a korean film company. so it's a movie about koreans and korean americans in ny by koreans. i dunno i just thought that was an interesting mix.anyways the plot of this movie is convoluted but not korean movie convoluted. a lot of it takes place in nyc in k-town and it's like you watch it and say, hey! i've eaten there before! i dunno, that's the best praise i can conjure up for it.but yes please please please hollywood (or cj entertainment) cast john cho and grace park together again. and more korean from grace park please.

William M (mx) wrote: awesome concept, bad movie

Srikanth K (ru) wrote: This will be my all time No 1. Lets see if I can find any better.

Sarah B (br) wrote: I thought this move could have been so much better. There was a hint of a plot, but it is hard to follow. I had high expectations for this film, and it failed.

Nrg M (nl) wrote: The best movie spanish

JaimeThe Revolutionary Artist (au) wrote: This sounds fucking hilarious! I'll check this out and write review as soon as I can.

James C (ru) wrote: decent but way too slow in its pacing, its high praise is undeserved

Deadly V (es) wrote: One of the earliest and best film noirs

Russell H (ru) wrote: Better than the first only because the hip hop soundtrack and Norman Reedus earn it the extra half star.

Robert A (de) wrote: I thought this was an enjoyable little film. A good popcorn and movie night flick.

Don T (fr) wrote: I finally saw this movie 7 years after it won best picture. I was in no rush because the Academy had, in my opinion, been picking either pretentious films that actors and directors like more than audiences do, or preachy movies that force-feed us some tenet of liberalism... not too interested, thanks. However, this movie was a pleasant surprise. I loved the premise: the story of how a boy's difficult life provided him the knowledge he needed to answer the questions on a game show, and how no one could comprehend how an uneducated street kid could be so successful in such a game. In fact, the disbelief was so strong that the local police abduct and torture him to get him to confess and tell them how he "cheated". Instead they listen in amazement as he goes through each question telling them the events of his life that helped him come up with the correct answer. These stories detail the hardship and outright horror of being an orphan in the slums of India, or a slumdog as they're known locally. Most of them are heartbreaking, but all of them are interesting, and it is clever how they fall into place in the larger narrative of the game show questions. However, it is not just the story of a kid who grew up with bad things happening to him and around him. It is also the story of real, hard-fought, time-tested love. How a young boy helped a young girl out of the rain, by letting her sleep in an outhouse with him and then loved her forever. It's a story of how a brother can save a life and ruin it at the same time. It is the story of failure and redemption, and a story of drive and purpose. It may be a bit melodramatic in places, and a bit too convenient in others, but it is definitely worth watching, and probably worthy of the Best Film Oscar it won.

Nina S (it) wrote: Pretty good coming of age movie