A Plumm Summer

A Plumm Summer

Based on a true-story - A Plumm Summer tells the remarkable tale of two young brothers, Elliott and Rocky Plumm, who go head-to-head with the FBI in order to crack the "frog-napping" case and get their beloved TV puppet, Froggy Doo back on the air, all the while become local heroes and best friends.

Based on a true-story - A Plumm Summer tells the remarkable tale of two young brothers, Elliott and Rocky Plumm, who go head-to-head with the FBI in order to crack the "frog-napping" case and get their beloved TV puppet, Froggy Doo back on the air, all the while become local heroes and best friends. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel T (de) wrote: Another masterpiece of Korean action-thrillers. Great movie.

Iris L (ca) wrote: Inspiring sports story of the unified Korean team in the 1991 World ping-pong tournament in Japan.

Mandeep S (it) wrote: Stunning story and excellent acting.

Ricardo R (gb) wrote: Hailey Duff chews A LOT of gum in this movie. A must watch!

Greg S (kr) wrote: An unemployed pot-smoking graphic novelist takes psychedelic drugs, becomes involved with conspiracy theorists, has a psychotic breakdown and ends up in a mental hospital, and eventually becomes one of those crazy homeless guys. An aimless indie drug trip movie that somehow convinced Anne Hathaway to show up for two minutes (she's an I.R.S. agent who knows all about the Illuminati).

Tiuri E (kr) wrote: Unrealistic and full of stereotypes. The actors do a good enough job though.

Ty P (au) wrote: Crap story, forgettable and unlikable characters, what more can I say.

Jayakrishnan R (gb) wrote: 62%Saw this on 28/11/16Albeit suffering from a generic plotline, Solomon Kane succeeds to a certain extent due to its craft, especially the cinematography, atmosphere, gore and good VFX. It's not a disappointing film and James Purefoy is good as the lead notwithstanding his poor voice.

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Brian L (jp) wrote: The definition of uneven. While it does an admirable job of creating a style and tone all its own - something like a live-action anime, ripped straight from the pages of a bloody manga - entire chunks of this movie could be taken out (mostly in the middle half-hour, and some of the overlong climax) and nothing would be lost.

Sean D (ru) wrote: Otherwise and actually best known as Bundy: A Legacy of Evil was an extremely poorly budgeted and terribly produced biopic about the serial murderer and rapist from the late '60s to mid '70s, Theodore 'Ted' Bundy. Let's discuss everything wrong about this film first, and then attempt to find anything remotely redeeming later. A lot of the actors, had poor acting especially his fianc. The plot was confusing dribble, it's fine that this and every other biopic go back and forth in time. But there was confusing plot events that made no sense at all and was never really explained. I guess the film attempted to cover the most important parts in his life, but it ended up feeling like they were just constantly skipping around. For the few good parts, the film is actually decent in the last few scenes. Again, even that gets screwed up. The final trial is covered for all of like 10 minutes and is one sided and then all of a sudden, the scene closes and it abruptly comes to and end. You're kinda left feeling empty since it's one of the only good scenes in the film, and in general, it's the best scene. The film's extremely poor budget leads to such a crappy production quality that seemingly unintentionally makes the film look like a film from that time period. I guess, that's a good thing. The music is creepy, awkward and fitting. The actor who plays Ted Bundy nails the role, and the judge and warden aren't bad either. There wasn't enough focus on the trial, the murders and the backstory to better explain his twisted behaviour. It's the major problem that kills the film from even being okay. It's just a complete muddle. There was much more potential. There needs to be another Ted Bundy film that is done much better. The later and lesser known story about The Craigslist Killer which I saw before this makes you feel that this guy was a clear inspiration for that guy. Everything played out almost exactly the same down to the 'fallen from grace, perfect guy type-of character'

Connor H (br) wrote: Good story, awful acting.

Lafe F (br) wrote: I liked the Stuart Skit on Saturday Night Live; it's a funny premise of self-help addiction. The movie wasn't too bad, but the characters got a bit annoying.

Sumanjit R (jp) wrote: The acting is outstanding, very good and touchy movie!


Ben L (ag) wrote: I officially don't get why people think that Live Free or Die Hard was the first truly awful film in the franchise. In my opinion it's actually one of the better ones. This particular film is more in the vein of Die Hard With a Vengeance because it has John McClane fighting his way all around an entire city with a buddy. I'll admit that there are moments in the film that take everything to the extreme and perhaps push your suspension of disbelief. For one thing it falls into the typical movie idea of what hacking looks like (lots of fast typing,) and also it suggests that Justin Long with one keyboard can mystically break into any computer system with relative ease. Luckily, I've always been willing to forgive movie computers and the more simplistic/silly way they work. Some of the action is also a little over-the-top and extreme, but I think if you've made it this far in the Die Hard franchise then you can probably accept the fact that John McClane is basically a superhero. If you get past the hard-to-believe parts of the film, it is actually a solid story. I love that it gets personal at the end because I can feel the emotion in Bruce Willis' performance. I also enjoyed Justin Long's character getting stuck with McClane since their personalities clash. Live Free or Die Hard isn't all that smart, but it is a ton of fun.