A Prayer for the Dying

A Prayer for the Dying

Jack Higgins' straightforward thriller about a guilt-ridden IRA bomber forced into "one last job"

Martin Fallon is an IRA bomber who tries to blow up a troop truck but instead kills a bus load of school children. He loses heart and quits the movement and goes to London trying to leave ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dom E (us) wrote: this fucking bullshit.

Deb K (de) wrote: A British psychological horror/thriller with a bit of a slow start but it really builds up! And the slow start actually helps with developing the plot and getting to know the characters. Lots of jumps and suspense when it gets going..

todd h (ag) wrote: Mostly witty love triangle story, with the kick being its bisexual angle. "Puccini" succeeds thanks to its very likeable characters, who partake in engaging conversations that eventually overcome the film's conventional tendencies.

Eduardo M (ru) wrote: The first time I heard Russian hip-hop in my life!

Frank J (br) wrote: Trs bon film, saupoudr d'une nime incroyable prestation d'Andy Garcia. Probablement le film le plus rcent qui affiche le plus de mtaphores visuelles majestueuses. La rivalit entre Modigliani et Picasso bat son plein, entremle de Cocteau et de Renoir qui pimenteront les choses... Fin frissonnante.

Ancel M (ru) wrote: Great cinematography. Makes you feel like you're paddling out into a monster wave.

David W (ru) wrote: Has laughs, but still a shitty sequel

Don S (ru) wrote: My wife says the book is better. I sure hope so, because this was a confusing, though somewhat entertaining, movie. Even with a running time of over two hours, it felt like the director just didn't have enough time to tell the whole story which left me scratching my head. Decent acting and special effects make it watchable. Just wish I had more explanation for what was going on and why. You wrote this on 6/1/09.

Thomas D (es) wrote: Not my favorite but not bad

Logan M (de) wrote: This Mel Brooks spoof is short of just one thing- full, hearty laughs.

Gregory W (ag) wrote: good kung-fu actioner

Alex S (br) wrote: One way to pass the time.

T Patrick S (br) wrote: This was actually funnier than I thought. Very Campy.

Al S (es) wrote: looks horrible. must see

Giorgio D (de) wrote: Today is a bit dated, but still one of a few mythological movies of the time and enjoyable

Rebecca M (it) wrote: very well done. i liked it alot. another family movie for sure!

Dan P (br) wrote: A movie based on the sinking of the Bismark. Churchill wanted this ship destroyed at all costs.

Orlok W (jp) wrote: A fine piece of backwoods horror with a fresh story--This film has secrets, so do the characters, and so do you...Bizzaro World. And I loved it....!!

David H (ca) wrote: Friendship, love, and fish. Great film for a Friday January night.