A Private Affair

A Private Affair

It's been six months since Rachel Siprien disappeared. At the request of Rachel's mother, private detective François takes over the investigation. The young woman, with a complex and multi-faceted personality, is part of a strange network made up of her best friend, her ex-boyfriend, her stepfather and everyone who knows her well or even slightly. François begins to frequent these various friends and acquaintances, and penetrates Rachel's daytime and nocturnal habitat. He spies, asks disturbing questions, and intentionally fills in the blanks left by those he questions. Written by Polly_Kat

It's been six months since Rachel Siprien disappeared. At the request of Rachel's mother, private detective François takes over the investigation. The young woman, with a complex and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pablo G (es) wrote: 2.1/5I couldnt even bring mysef to properly finish this brutally uninspired excuse for a horror movie.

WC C (gb) wrote: The best end of the world film, sine "On the Beach", 1959. Interestingly, both films had Australia as the last place to go.

Tsukasa A (ru) wrote: Based on the young adult novel by Meg Rosoff, the post-apocalyptic drama portrays an American teenage girl who amends her attitude to her life after young love and crisis of life. Saoirse plays the girl nicely reflecting changes within. Nature in the English countryside is beautiful.

Christian H (au) wrote: Solid cast and visuals but the plot just missed the mark as a modernized legend.

James M (fr) wrote: Quite entertaining romcom/thriller with amiable performances. Michelle Pfeiffer looks better as a blonde though.

Micah F (it) wrote: Good, not great. Typical Newman performance, meaning it is beyond average or even good, but solid for Newman. Feels like a limited western, more of a boo hoo liberal take for Indians.

Darren R (nl) wrote: I don't know exactly what is going on, and I'm okay with that.

Martin T (mx) wrote: A disturbed man takes a vulnerable war widow hostage in her own house. I've never seen Robert Ryan do batshit crazy before, but he's very good at it. Unfortunately, Ida Lupino is mostly wasted, and has little to do except act scared (and kinda stupid). The film has some gripping moments, but also gets mired down in repetitiveness. It makes a very short movie feel longer than it should. And for the life of me, I can't figure out why this was set in 1918. If the opening title card hadn't announced it, I probably wouldn't have guessed (except for a couple of minor props). There's nothing about the story that wouldn't make sense in 1952. But like I said, it does have some moments. I really liked the ending, especially that Xmas ornament shot. Trivial note: in the beginning of the film, you can clearly see the dead woman blink. It's the kind of gaffe I always look for, but never expected to actually see happen.

Veronica (mx) wrote: An atmospheric and at times archetypal noir, the first directorial effort of Joseph L. Mankiewicz and the first major post-war feature to use the device of amnesia-as-metaphor. An unusual hybrid of 'The Maltese Flacon' and 'Total Recall' , 'Somewhere in the Night' was ahead of its time and has aged better than most amnesiac fare. One could argue that 'Total Recall' owes quite a debt to this movie regarding its twist bad guy identity revelation. There's some excellent dialogue and once you overlook some whopper implausibilities, the plot works well, as does the oddball cast of supporting characters, including the opportunist police lieutenant and the rogues gallery of ne'er do wells hoping to cash in on the amnesiac's memories.

Ray M (jp) wrote: If you want a fun, nonsensicalness, teenage, heavy metal movie then this is the movie for you. Worth the watch but wouldn't bother watching it again.

Anthony R (ru) wrote: Not a lot of action, reasonable storyline, people who don't like situation thrillers won't like this one.