A Prize of Arms

A Prize of Arms

A criminal gang sets out to pull off the heist of a large army payroll.

A criminal gang sets out to pull off the heist of a large army payroll. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


A Prize of Arms torrent reviews

Ahmed B (ru) wrote: Characters are foolish. The only reason to watch this movie is to see Chris Klein performance

Kace C (ru) wrote: Amelie [Jeunet, 2001] Uniquely crafted tour de force. So distinct, it won't be forgotten. 9/10

Ernie T (de) wrote: True story about a corrupt cop who clings to his morals and loyalty to his partners when he tries to do the right thing when he is approached to blow the whistle on corruption within the police force. He begins to unravel as the truth is slowly revealed. This is probably Treat Williams' best performance.

Richard M (it) wrote: awesome not great acting but fun watching

Valencia C (us) wrote: Yeah, this was a good movie, but then kinda boring at the same time.

Samantha R (br) wrote: i have this movie but i have never watched it

Sweetie C (it) wrote: A good one LOVE RENEE

Cindy P (br) wrote: It was ok, there were a few tense scenes but nothing that could catagorize this movie as a thriller, suspense, or horror. I found the acting to be completely unbelievable at first but as people begin to die off the mediocre acting gets overshadowed by the several very strange groups of survivors they run across, each with their own theory and homemade weapons that tend to malfunction more than they actually work. However, the one's lucky enough to survive are actually planning to use these makeshift weapons to declare was on millions of invisible aliens... yea, ok.. Hopefully they will not make it back to the US so that wemkokudon't have tttto bec

Keith S (kr) wrote: I loved the movie! It was a great ending to the TV series. Wish the series continued on for a few more seasons. Another Veronica Mars movie would be great! So sad I was not able to see this in the theater, it was there for only a week while other stupid movies go on for months!