A Rational Solution

A Rational Solution

Four of Sweden's top actors anchor Jörgen Bergmark's tragi-comedy about a couple, both marriage counsellors, who find themselves in deep water when the husband falls for his best friend's wife. A smart, funny film made for adults. Nominated for Best Film at the 2009 Ghent International Film Festival.

A quartet of sterling performances from some of Sweden's top actors (including the wonderful Pernille August) anchors Jorgen Bergmark's tragicomedy about a marriage counseling couple who ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dawn B (br) wrote: Most pointless film I ever watched! Kept watching in the hope of something good happening and if worked out that was the credits!!!

Robert I (us) wrote: This was not the action packed anime I thought it would be... Instead, it turned to out to be a rather touching human story. My mother and sisters loved it. Okay, I did too. :[

Mloy X (es) wrote: "The reason the Yamadas get along fine is because all three adults are nuts. If one of you were normal it would unbalance the rest." --- Noboru Yamada (Hayato Isohata).Adorable! This is one of the best anime I've seen: no gimmick, no CG, no special effects what-so-ever. Nothing fancy about it, but plenty of things special about it. The story is quite simple and plain, it's just about a family and they are as "normal" and as average as any family-- no superpowers, no special abilities or deep, dark secrets, there is absolutely nothing supernatural, high-tech, world-ending crisis or pre-destined adventure that the characters go through; they are just everyday people doing every day things like going to the office, missing the train, going to school or the store, hanging out around the t.v., eating family dinners. But for some reason, there is something special seeing the every day family stuff happening to other people and seeing the similarities in your family in the Yamadas, there is just something so funny about it. The battle for the television was absolutely hilarious and the karaoke between Mr. and Mrs. Yamada was so sweet and just so cute....it was just so adorable. What a surprisingly enjoyable movie, but then again it's from Studio Ghibli....one of the best, if not the best studios to ever produce animation.

Ivan D (it) wrote: One of Chaplin's better shorts, with him playing with identity and extreme parentage. The car chase sequence, considering the plot, was a little out of place, but it was a great attempt of putting comedy into physical extremes, and might be the closest he can get to a Keaton stunt sequence(Chaplin did not indulge much with over-the-top stunts).

Veronika C (es) wrote: David Tennant is my Hamlet.

Sam M (jp) wrote: Very good forgotten/unknown film.

Harshith J (de) wrote: A light -hearted drama with good humour.